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Woki - organic brunch in Barcelona - Brunch

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It’s Sunday and you still need to do some grocery shopping but you really want to have brunch too? Woki Organic Market is the solution! Enjoy an organic brunch and before you leave the place buy your cheese, bread, fruits, vegetables or whatever you need. Everything, of course, organic!

Woki - organic brunch in Barcelona - Organic Vegetables In the neighbourhood Eixample, very close to Plaça Catalunya, you can find this original restaurant/market. It’s a huge long space with high ceiling and industrial lamps remembering an old factory, but with a modern concept adapt to their philosophy. Entering the place you’ll find a few tables and a counter and if you keep walking you’ll be amazed by the size and the decoration. On your left side you’ll see the three different open kitchens whereas on your right side you’ll find many shelves and fridges full of organic products, exactly like you were in a market. At the end of the restaurant there are many tables, some of them even in a kind of private space and some others are close to a big window where comes natural light. Considering its location, Woki is a good option for tourists, who would like to have some healthy and organic food. They have English menu if needed and if you like to pay separately they’ll give each a card with a number that you take to the front to pay. You can choose between five different menus for breakfast/brunch. I ordered the most complete option with crumbled eggs with bacon, freshly squeezed orange juice, two big slices of toasted bread with jam and honey and a coffee. The prize for this menu is 14,90€. You don’t have to wait until next Sunday to enjoy Woki’s organic brunch because they offer it everyday and as long as the kitchen is opened. If needed ask to speak with a manager. After enjoying your brunch don’t miss the opportunity to take away some organic product with you. For coeliacs there are available many gluten free products as well.

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