Vegetarian and vegan buffet on Saturday – Bar Celoneta

Vegetarian and vegan buffet on Saturday-Bar Celoneta-Mini sandwiches
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On 25/08/2013
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The first all you can eat buffet brunch, which is completely vegetarian and with vegan options in Barcelona. Sweet or savoury, decide which one you want to begin your day with.

Vegetarian and vegan buffet on Saturday-Bar Celoneta-Fruits salad With our second visit at Bar Celoneta, we tried the vegetarian and vegan buffet on Saturday. There are two different options: for only 10€ you can enjoy the free buffet with one juice included, choosing between orange, pink grapefruit or peach. For 12€ you can order one special sangria as well, with or without alcohol. Some examples are: the delicious with red wine, cinnamon and seasonal fruits or the perfumed with rosé wine, lime and mint. The buffet offers mini sandwiches, home made humus, cheese and many ingredients to create your own salads. Beside oil and vinegar you can dress your salad with one of the three available creamy balsamic vinegars, like mixed berries or truffle flavour. The sweet part of the buffet offers delicious multi-cereal bread, three types of marmalades, honey, cereal and dried fruits to eat with milk or yogurt. It’s always recommended to make a reservation and if you are vegan tell them when you call for the booking. In the last few months I could see the owners made some changes in the decoration, mostly with recycled material and hand made. I guess their ideas of a vegetarian and vegan buffet on Saturday will be appreciated by many of you.

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