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Bar Celoneta offers now a vegetarian and vegan buffet brunch, which is a complete pleasure not only for your eyes, but also for your taste buds.
Vegetarian and vegan buffet brunch–Bar Celoneta-Buffet-Cakes Bar Celoneta has beautifully improved its open buffet brunch with its new concept, an incredible variety, and great quality in the dishes it offers.
They now propose four brunch formulas with different prices.

Light (until 1pm): omelette + toasts + juice or cava + coffee/tea (8,50€).
Basic: buffet + omelette/dish of the day + juice or cava + coffee/tea (13,50€)
Medium: buffet + omelette/dish of the day + cocktail + coffee/tea (15€)
Strong: buffet + omelette/dish of the day + 2 cocktails + water + coffee/tea (19€)

For the last two offers, any consequent cocktails ordered carry a 50% discount.
On both Saturdays and Sundays, the buffet is 50% vegetarian and 40% vegan, yet also offers options for meat and fish lovers in the omelette selection.
The buffet includes: cereal with milk (also vegan), two tarts (one vegan), jam and nutella for the toasts, fresh fruit, goat cheese, brie, and a selection of sliced cheeses, a variety of mini sandwiches (with vegan bread), breadsticks, vegan romesco sauce, olives, hummus, potato tortilla, brochette of cheese and vegetables, oven-baked potatoes, and a warm soup for winter (which is then switched to a cold soup during the summer season). All vegan products are clearly marked with a small sign.
Among the omelettes from which you can choose from, there is a vegan version with a secret recipe that promises not to disappoint. The same goes with the different meat (bacon or ham) and fish versions (tuna or anchioves).
The ‘dish of the day’ specials offered so far have been: parmigiana (egg-plants with tomato sauce and cheese), pesto lasagna, mushroom lasagna, and oven-baked pasta. I tried the parmigiana, and if I may, I would say this recipe beats my own mothers’!
Bar Celoneta has definitely earned another star due to the wonderful improvements seen in their brunch.

Mar-Vie  : 18h – 2h
Sáb y Dom : 12h – 2h

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