10 vegan recipes for brunch


Today I would like to talk to you about Isa, and her healthy recipes. I had the luck to meet her at an event and I liked her blog so much that I suggested I could do a compilation of her vegan recipes that will be best suited to a brunch.

Isa is the author of the blog “Delicias Kitchen” where she shares her vegetarian and vegan recipes, which aim to promote a healthy and natural eating. After years of teaching herself about this from books on nutrition and the relations with illnesses, she’s expanded her knowledge with a course in “Natural and oriental diet”. She stopped consuming animal-based or processed products a while ago, and has started to use superfoods in nearly all her recipes. Thanks to her passion for photography she is also managing to capture the beauty of all her dishes.

Here is a selection of 10 of hers vegan recipes for brunch, complete with information on the nutritional properties of some ingredients used. You’ll find further additional information on the blog. Isa writes her blog in Spanish, but on the home page you can choose to change the language.

1. Chia pudding with bananas and almond butter

Chia is a complete protein with a high content of calcium, iron and potassium. It is also the best vegetable supply of Omega 3, and has many other beneficial properties.


2. Fruit galette

This tart, of French origin, is made with wholegrain spelt flour, an ancient cereal with more nutrients and fibre that common wheat, and which has never been genetically altered. In it’s original form this tart is often also made with buckwheat.

3. Chia and maca bars

Maca is a tuber from the Andes which helps regulate and improve the endocrine system. It also develops strength, improves energy and promotes a general feeling of wellbeing.


4. Lentils, barley and curry burger

Barley is a high-energy cereal and a great source of fibre and other minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous


5. Apple and pear crumble

Crumble is a traditional English pudding, made with cooked fruit and covered in a crust which goes golden in the oven. This is a healthy version, without refined sugar or butter.


6. Gluten-free waffles

Brown rice flour is rich in minerals and group-B vitamins, among which thiamin and niacin – niacin in particular is very useful for lowering bad cholesterol.


7. Smoothie bowl with beetroot and apple

Beetroot is rich in group-B vitamins and iron, a very interesting mineral which is particularly good for combating anaemia. In this recipe, together with fruits, it’s delicious!


8. Matcha latte

Matcha contains 10 times more antioxidants than green tea. It helps reduce stress, stimulates the immune system’s defences and has anticarcinogenic properties, as well as boosting concentration and promoting serenity.


9. Rye and blueberry pancakes

Rye is a highly nutritious cereal, rich in group B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals. In regions where it’s frequently eaten it’s been shown to reduce cardiovascular diseases and blood cholesterol levels.


10. Sweet macadamia ricotta

Macadamia nuts are a dry fruit which is rich and creamy, with a smooth flavour and a high oleic acid/omega 9 content. It’s healthy fat, which helps reduce cardiovascular diseases.


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