Trópico – Exotic Brunch in El Raval

Exotic brunch in El Raval
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On 15/06/2016
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It was a few months ago now that I first heard murmurings about a tropical flavoured brunch in the Raval neighbourhood, and then Tropico appeared amongst the best brunches in Barcelona, as listed by expert foodies. As they explain on their website, they chose the word ‘tropico’ because it represents their business mission of “a journey around the world through the flavours of the tropics”.

Brunch con pancakes

I finally got the chance to visit the place and try it for myself.

Before anything else let me tell you that the place is incredible, with a big room at the back that’s full of natural light. The entrance has a few small tables, and also a bar – pleasing all brunch lovers. 

Huevos rancheros en Tropico

Their menu is quite comprehensive, with egg dishes, pancakes, and above all, lots of smoothies and fresh fruit.
Brunch is served here everyday between 10am and 7pm. Book now a table to save time and money. 

Arepas con aguacate y platano

If you are going there by car, we know that finding a parking can be “mission impossible”. I recommend you to book your parking spot and you can do it saving up to 70% of the price. This way you won’t need to think about anything else other than just enjoy this exotic brunch in El Raval.

Mapa brunch Barcelona

Watch the complete map of brunch by Coffee & Brunch


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