Tricolor smoothies with spinach – Healthy brunch recipe



This recipe was inspired by one of the recipes from the eBook 25 recetas de brunch saludables which I recently published along with two friends, Kath and Lucy



I’m not normally a big fan of smoothies, because I like to chew the food I eat, but I do also think that they’re a very practical way to get yourself eating fruits and vegetables you might otherwise avoid because you don’t like their flavour.


Before starting work on the eBook I didn’t eat spinach – in any form. However, thanks to the smoothy recipe we came up with, I’ve learnt to mix raw spinach with fruit and it’s a great way to eat it – and do my body a favour.

Among the reasons why we should all eat spinach are: potassium, which helps eliminate toxins from our systems; iron – which helps prevent anaemia; calcium, which helps our bones; and all the vitamins it contains, like those from groups A, B, C and E.


… and other green food

The thinking behind this tricolour smoothie is to provide a solution for those who don’t particularly like green food. In a certain sense, it’s to trick us, by telling ourselves that once we’re done with the green food there’ll be other colours that we prefer.

Now, it’s important not to mess around with this… as Kath and I did when we made the recipe for the eBook. We ended up only eating the purple part, which was underneath everything else, and Lucy told us off for only leaving her the green bit 😅 😅 😅

tricolor smoothies with spinach

Coconut water

You can use water for a smoothie, or any kind of ecological milk to bring the ingredients together. I prefer to use coconut water for its beneficial properties: it’s a source of 5 minerals, is very hydrating, aids digestion and stimulates the immune system.


Yields 2

Tricolor smoothies with spinach

15 minPrep Time

15 minTotal Time

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1 kiwi
2 cups of spinach
½ a banana
2 spoonfuls of coconut water
1 pear
1 banana
½ teaspoon grated ginger
2 spoonfuls of coconut water
1/3 cup of blackberries
½ cup blueberries
2 spoonfuls of coconut water


  1. Peel the fruits and cut them.
  2. Mix together the ingredients for each colour separately.
  3. Blend until they form a smooth cream.
  4. Begin to fill the glass with the colour you prefer.
  5. Add frozen fruits for decoration.


For the smoothie to maintain its consistency, it’s best to use frozen fruit. Consume it as soon as possible.


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Tricolor smoothies with spinach - Healthy brunch recipe

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