A tremendous Italian Aperitif – Italian Vintage Bar


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On 11/05/2014
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A very complete open buffet for this Italian aperitif in a vintage style bar. For a minimum consumption of 6€, let yourselves be surprised every Thursday!

A tremendous Italian Aperitif–Italian Vintage Bar-Salad Newly opened a few months ago, this lounge bar offers, what I allow myself to call, a tremendous Italian aperitif!

The kitchen of this bar lacks a fryer, which means that all the food you will try will taste healthier and lighter! Although it is more than probable that you will want to try a variety of dishes and will get full all the same. The day of my visit, the aperitif began with cold offerings, such as salads made of pasta, lentils, and other varieties, diverse montaditos, hummus, cold cuts, and pan con tomate (bread with a tomato spread), and once the dishes started to ran out, they began serving the hot plates, like the enormous (and delicious) parmigiana, and the tomato sauce and mushroom risotto.

The first consumption that gives access to this open buffet is of 6.
As the name indicates, the bar’s décor is very elaborate, as for example, the lamp made up of chair pieces. Its vintage style and all the carefully handled details will make you travel a few decades back.

**I would like to thank Luis, a reader who wrote me and recommended this place. Luis, you were right, this bar had to be added to the aperitif route!

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