To brunch in Paris – Marcovaldo

To brunch in Paris-Marcovaldo-Tiramisu and Cheesecake

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In just five days in the city I couldn’t try many places, but I was taken to a very interesting one, that is not only located in a non-touristy neighborhood, but it also has original style and delicious food.
In fact, the plTo brunch in Paris-Marcovaldo-Brunchace is run by four Italian guys who wanted to put together a cultural and a culinary space. Just like in a library, you can read one of the books from the shelf or, if you prefer, the one you’ll find on your table. Healthy food with strong Italian influences, combining delicate flavors with traditional ones, offering many organic products.

If a coffee in Paris is on average about 4 €, you can imagine that the price for abrunch is considerably more expensive than in Barcelona. At Marcovaldo we payed 21€/person (cheap) and the menu included:

A start:
– All you can drink organic Green tea (of course, coffee is not included)
– Orange juice – White and cereal bread with organic butter and marmalade

A main dish:
Parmiggiana or organic rice with pumpkin and leek (vegan)
Salad with fennel, pomegranate and sunflower seed
– Organic chickpea cream and German bread
– Ham and buffalo mini-mozzarella

Two desserts to be chosen between:
Tiramisú, Cheesecake with marmalade, Chocolate cake or Apple strudel 

There is a tendency to use seasonal products and the eggs, butter, flour and vegetables are all organic. In the menu it is specified that the owners go to the market to choose fresh organic in season, locally produced products. For this reason, the menu changes every few weeks.
Opening hours:
Tue – Sat : 10h – 21:30h
Sun: 10h – 19:30h

To brunch in Paris-Marcovaldo-Isabelle of WalkzineI’d like to thank Isabelle Pares for this experience, musician and author of the blog Walkzine ( She is French and she has being living in Paris for nine years. If music is your passion and you want to know more about the Parisian musical scene, don’t miss her blog full of musician’s interviews.

More info about where to brunch in Paris: 

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