The sister location of Brunch & Cake – Travel & Cake

  • Carrer del Rosselló, 189 - 08036 Barcelona
    Neighborhood: Eixample Esquerra
    Metro: Diagonal (L3 y L5)
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  • Price: Between 10€ and 15€
    Payment: Credit Card
    Special Foods: Vegetarian, Vegan,
    Brunch hours: 9:30h – 20:30h
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On 10/04/2014
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At Travel & Cake you can enjoy delicious food and organic coffee of excellent quality in a charming place, where you can have brunch any day of the week, at any time you desire.

The sister location of Brunch & Cake–Travel & Cake-Pancakes and caramel latte The sister location of Brunch & Cake is called Travel & Cake. Here you will find a similar decorative style, great service, both an excellent cup of coffee and an outstanding meal, all at an affordable price.

During our visit, we ordered: brioche with smoked salmon, Greek yogurt and greens; chicken bagel with mango, avocado and greens; mango, guacamole, and soya marinated chicken salad with orange-mustard vinaigrette served with bretzel bread. Of course, we couldn’t resist the pancakes for dessert, although the donuts looked very appealing as well! Don’t get too attached to a particular dish though, for the menu changes constantly. Amongst the selection of coffee drinks, I absolutely loved their Caramel Latte Macchiato, prepared by barista experts. As in Brunch & Cake, Travel & Cake does not accept reservations, the price to be paid for a menu in which the relation between quality and price is in accord. My advice is that you don’t wait until the weekend to go have brunch at Travel & Cake. Not only can you enjoy this delicious brunch any day of the week, but you can also order it at any time of the day between 9:30am and 8:30pm. What stops you from having brunch in the afternoon? It is still pretty busy during the week, but nothing compared to the weekend, where you can even feel a bit stressed due to the constant movement.

Considering the great success of both Brunch & Cake and Travel & Cake, not to mention the two Cup & Cakes around the city, I thought it would be interesting and inspiring to get to know the person behind this outstanding project.

I present to you a summary of the interview made to the creator of such greatness

Manex is a 32-year-old Basque man who is a lover of breakfasts and whose knowledge of brunch stems from his travels to different countries. He studied business, hospitality management, and interior design and once he decided to bring forth all of his knowledge, the idea of Cup & Cakes originated.

Unfortunately, his first location was too small to serve brunch, so he decided to focalize his concept on solely cupcakes. When he opened Brunch & Cake, he decided to maintain the same style and was then able to focus on his culinary creations. He is the author of all the dishes you have tried and will try in his restaurants.

For Manex, the customer is the most important thing, and one way to take good care of him or her is by offering excellent food created from raw materials of exceptional quality. The concept of his locations revolves around offering a cozy environment where people can feel at ease, enhanced by the friendly service provided. But the most important aspect is that people return because of the food. Not only because one can choose among a variety of dishes, which change to constantly please the customers, but also because the relation of quality and price is in harmony.

I thank you immensely, Manex, for allowing me to interview you!

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