Sunday drunch in the neighbourhood Gótico – Restaurante Carabassa

Sunday drunch in the neighbourhood Gótico–Restaurante Carabassa-Cous-cous

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This is a Sunday drunch in the neighbourhood Gótico in a lively atmosphere and electro-lounge music. The prices are more than affordable and the quality of the Italian food never disappoint.  

Sunday drunch in the neighbourhood Gótico–Restaurante Carabassa-Inside The Carabassa restaurant is located in a side-street off Carrer Ample exactly on the one where it takes the name from. This restaurant proposes a Sunday aperitif, an interesting idea to finish the week with a good vibe. The dishes start to come out of the kitchen from 7:30/8pm until 10:30pm. It’s recommended to arrive early if you want to get a table because already around 8pm the place is a bit crowded and they don’t do reservation for the aperitif.

At the back of the room, right next to the kitchen door there is a table where the buffet will be presented. The typical dishes of this aperitif are pasta, cous-cous, different sauces, salad and, of course, bread. When the place is crowded it’s difficult to get to the buffet and when arrives your turn, plates might be already empty. It’s better if you don’t go far for the next round.

I would like to enhance of this drunch that the drinks are pretty cheap and the price depends on what you get. Water and soft drinks are 2,5€, bier and cava 3€, wine 4,5€, Spritz 5€, long drinks 6€ and cocktails 7€. The atmosphere si youthful and the staff is friendly. You cannot miss this Sunday drunch in the neighbourhood Gótico.

The Italian aperitif unfortunately does not includes sweet dishes but if you fancy a dessert on your way out, just walk to Carrer Ample and on the left you’ll find the creperie “Chulapio”. There you can enjoy a Nutella crepe for only 3,5€.


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