Specialty Coffee in Barcelona – Mariëlla’s favorite cafes

Specialty Coffee in Barcelona - Mariëlla's favorite cafes


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Specialty Coffee in Barcelona - The complete list


A few weeks ago I published a post that extensively explained what specialty coffee is. If you didn’t know it yet I hope you had the chance to try any. On my Instagram account I have published different places with specialty coffee in Barcelona, but we know that Instagram photos are constantly moving and somehow the content is getting lost in the process.

So I thought that a list with specialty coffee places would be useful for everyone, and as you would have noticed by now, I love lists!

Specialty coffee is getting trendy in Barcelona and there are always new coffee shops that offer the specialty coffee as a “star product” to get clients. So, which would be the best way to know which place really has a good product? Professionals can help us in these cases and, since I noticed that baristas are charming people, I’m starting to like getting in touch with them to get them reveal their tricks and knowledge.

I would like to introduce you today to Mariëlla, a Dutch girl that is already living a couple of years in Barcelona. Mariëlla works as a barista and trainer at Nømad Coffee and she also has a blog called The Exploring Barista.   

Specialty Coffee in Barcelona - the exploring barista

She started to work with coffee four years ago, two in Holland as manager and barista and two in Barcelona. Her aim with her blog is to find places, in Barcelona and all around the world, with a unique concept in combination with specialty coffee. Besides loving writing on her blog, she loves creating videos to reach directly to her audience.

As an expert barista, explorer and connoisseur of every specialty coffee cafe in Barcelona, I asked her to make a mini-list for us with her favorite cafes in town and the reason why she like them.

The list is in alphabetic order.

1. Black Remedy – Carrer de la Ciutat, 5 (Gótico)

Mariëlla loves high tables with stools, that’s one of the reasons she became fan of this place, non mentioning the carrot cake and their cold pressed juices. In her visits she takes the opportunity to talk about coffee with her friend Brodie, one of the baristas that you can find behind the bar. Other of the advantages of this roomy place is that is open every day of the week and has Wi-Fi.

Specialty Coffee in Barcelona - Black Remedy

Pic by Mariëlla @mrllg

2. Double B – Carrer del Consolat de Mar, 47 (Born)

This coffee shop opened not long time ago and it seems that it promises quite a lot. For Mariëlla, this is another good place where to spend a good time and work in her blog. It has a bar top along the window, from where you can enjoy the views to the exterior while you enjoy a good coffee.

Specialty Coffee in Barcelona - Double B

Pic by Mariëlla @mrllg

3. Espai Joliu – Carrer de Badajoz, 95 (Poblenou)

This place is a concept store where the plants that are on sale give a cosy environment, and this is what Mariëlla likes the most. A part for enjoying a good coffee, she loves pairing it with one of the cakes prepared with organic products, most of them vegan and healthy. Thanks to their good Wi-Fi connection, this is a perfect place to work or just to relax and disconnect.

Specialty Coffee in Barcelona - Espai Joliu

Pic by Mariëlla @mrllg

4. Hammock Juice Station – Carrer de Mallorca, 308 (Eixample Dret) 

Mariëlla loves this place for its relaxing atmosphere and the original hammocks. Here they use Onna Coffee and they know how to prepare it. They also have some healthy food available, such as the avocado toast and many juices, but what she mostly prefer are the yummy cakes with vegan options. At Hammock also the service is friendly and this always helps.

Specialty Coffee in Barcelona - Hammock Juice Stationary

Pic by Mariëlla @mrllg

5. Satan’s Coffee en Casa Bonay – Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 700 (Eixample)

Casa Bonay is a hotel connected with the cafe Satan’s Coffee Corner. You can ask for your coffee at Satan’s and take it to the warm hotel’s hall, where you can enjoy it in a distended environment. More advantages of this place: is open every day, they have specialty coffee at Satan’s and a good barista (Sergio), who knows how to prepare it; they have donuts from the Donutería, a good service in general and very comfortable sofas.

Specialty Coffee Barcelona - Satan's Coffee Corner at Casa Bonay

Pic by Mariëlla @mrllg

I would like to thank Mariëlla for taking the time to meet me and giving me this precious info about specialty coffee in Barcelona.

Our collaborations are not over though, follow us on Instagram to know what we are up to

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