Seville – Weekend With Brunch Included

Seville, weekend with brunch included

I can finally say I have been in Andalusia. After so many years living in Spain it’s incredible that I haven’t yet set my foot in the South, especially considering that my dream 12 years ago was studying Translation in Granada. However, I ended up studying in the University of Bologna and my visits were postponed until during last year’s November, that I decided to visit Seville. They say Fall and Spring are the best seasons to visit the city, when the sun still shines and it reaches a good temperature that allows you to walk without a jacket. It seems that the Summer heat it’s unbearable, on top of that, there are too many tourists.

I was there just a weekend, but as I arrived I knew that I should have stayed there longer. The city is beautiful and people are just lovely, with that strong accent and always a smile in the face, willing to chat and help you with whatever you need. In this little time I’ve realized that the city is immersed in the flamenco culture, something totally new for me.

Free Walking Tour in Seville

If you have already read other of my former traveling brunch posts, you’ll know that each city I visit, I look for a Free Walking Tour, to see the main monuments and learn some secrets of the city from the hand of an expert guide. I was lucky to meet Chel from Pancho Tours who is not just a well known guide, but also a flamenco dancer (bailaor). He usually performs on Tuesdays, so if you have the chance, take the tour on Tuesday morning and he will tell you where he will dance that day, so you can see him.

The tour included a visit to the cathedral, the Giralda (just from the outside), Jerez door, San Telmo Palace , the Tobacco Factory, the University, the El Cid’s statue, Maria Luisa’s park, and España square.

Weekend in Seville - Giralda tower


It’s almost 4 years that I’m a host in Airbnb and each time I travel I use this platform. I chose too quickly for Seville, I simply looked at the map of the city and chose a place that seemed to be in the center. It was in the Alameda de Hercules area, a famous zone to go out and have a drink.

Seville is not that big, you can walk the city and the Alameda area is around 15/20 min walking from the old town, but taking into account that I was traveling on my own and I had just 3 days, it would have been wiser choice to stay in the old town.

By the way, if you don’t have an account yet on Airbnb, inscribe yourself through this link to get a discount of 30€ in your 1st reservation from at least 65€.

Public transport airport-city

As I’ve commented before, you can walk all along Seville if you are staying in the center. The only public transport I have used was the bus from and to the airport. At the airport it’s enough if you follow the instructions to find out the bus stop, and for the way back I recommend you to go to the 1st stop, because on each stop the bus gets fuller. On the airport webpage everything is very well explained.

Brunch in Seville

Even though the concept of brunch here is still quite a new thing, there are 2 guys who are rocking it, and very successfully.

The place is called Kök. During the week is a space for gastronomic workshops and in the weekend they serve a delicious brunch, with a great variety and in a cozy ambient. Here you can see some photos that speak for themselves.

Weekend in Seville - Brunch in Kok

What you shouldn’t miss in Seville


I have never seen a flamenco show until I visited Seville. All my Spanish friends always told me that to enjoy a good flamenco show, you have to go to the South, so I waited and in Seville was a must activity.

I went to the tablao Álvarez Quintero and after the show, which lasts around an hour, we had a 15 minutes class with some basic steps.

The girl from reception was so kind that we had a nice long conversation after the show and she explained me how the world of flamenco works. What shocked me the most was that the shows always are improvised. The singers (cantaores) and the dancers (bailaores) don’t perform always in the same tablao, they are constantly changing and they never know with whom they will perform that day.

I loved the passion the artists put in their shows and the capacity they have to pass on that passion to their audience. After the show I felt all speeded up, with all my emotions upside down.


Real Alcázar

The Seville Real Alcázar is a mandatory visit. The palaces are magnificent and the garden is spectacular. If you don’t see it with your eyes, you can’t make yourself an idea of what is hidden behind those walls in the center of the city. Remember that from October to March the entrance is free from 4pm to 5pm. I recommend you to better start queuing from around 3pm, so you can get in the sooner, because they close at 6pm.

Weekend in Seville - Real Alcazar Garden


A walk along the river

I love river cities, even more than beach cities. I think that a river gives a romantic touch to the city and offers peace to the visitors.

Sunday morning, it seemed that locals enjoy it very much and there’s a lot of people doing sporty activities all along the river and in as well.

Weekend in Seville - The River


Las Setas – Metropol Parasol

Las Setas (the mushrooms) is the nickname the locals gave to the Metropol Parasol, a modern structure located quite close to the Alameda. It opened its doors in 2011 and it seems that Sevillians don’t really like it. I almost missed it due to the little enthusiasm that people talked about it. But I would like to stand for it, it’s true that this monument structure looks out of place within Sevillian’s architecture, but you can explore the city from a high point at 360º and nose around the patios and the terraces.

Weekend in Seville - View from Metropol Parasol

After reading this article I hope you’ve added Seville to your list of destinations to visit. In my case it’s now on the list of places to visit again soon. They say that the Semana Santa Sevillana (Sevillan Easter) is quite incredible 😉

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