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On 30/03/2014
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There is no better place to enjoy an Italian aperitif than in an authentic Italian restaurant! To Be restaurant offers an open buffet with a minimum consumption of 5€. Say hello to your Thursday night plans!
Open buffet Italian aperitivo in Eixample–To Be Restaurant-Tortilla

The Italian restaurant To Be, now offers an authentic open buffet aperitif. What better way to spend an after-work Thursday evening?
The consumption price of 5€ gives you access to enjoy an open buffet which includes various types of montaditos, rice salad, cold meats and cheeses, as well as homemade pizzas and pasta tortilla (omelette). In terms of consumption, you can select amongst wine, soda, spritz Aperol or vermouth, all which have to be ordered from the bar. To Be has a terrace containing three tables, in addition to two others which are closer to the interior section, but where smoking is also allowed.
You can enjoy this drunch starting from 7pm up until 10pm, in a place that is always welcoming and with very original decor. Do not miss this open buffet Italian aperitivo in Eixample neighborhood.

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