New brunch in Barcelona – Think Sweet

Think Sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

  • Rambla de Catalunya, 124 - 08008 Barcelona
    Neighborhood: Eixample Dret
    Metro: Diagonal (L5) (L3)
    619 330 797

  • Price: Between 10€ and 15€
    Payment: Credit Card
    Special Foods: Vegetarian, Vegan,
    Brunch hours: Monday to Friday: 10am - 4pm
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Think Sweet it’s a very cosy place, which was born as a creative patisserie and now they have decided to add brunch to their daily offer.

It’s located almost by the corner between Carrer Córsega and Rambla de Catalunya; they have the entrance by the Carrer Córsega pedestrian side, which allows their terrace to be pretty quiet. On top of that, it’s beside a very cute florist’s which adds a touch of nature to that entire corner, even though we are right in the center of Barcelona.

Terrace at Think Sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

The place inside is rather long, but in good use and decorated with lot of love. With the adding of the brunch, they have also changed the tiny tables, perfect for a patisserie, for larger ones, to be able to eat comfortably.


The variety of plates in the menu is quite wide; you can find original plates and typical ones like these eggs Benedicts with salad, roasted potatoes, bacon, smoked salmon, and fresh spinaches.

Eggs Benedict at Think Sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

Vegetarian options include several types of complete salads and other plates like roasted veggies with goat cheese or this tofu hamburger that’s accompanied with hummus and avocado.

Tofu Burger at Think Sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

Healthier options are not missed here, like chia pudding or this açaí bowl.

Açaí bowl in Think Sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

As you can see in the photos, the main brunch dishes are complete and the quantity enough to feel good. Furthermore there are several dishes that come with fruits, which makes you enjoy a unique combination of flavours, the dishes are extremely beautiful they jump to your eyes. But they are not just beautiful, they are also delicious and they fill you up without stuffing you.

Look, for example, at this chicken waffle with cheese, spinaches, red pesto and fresh fruit salad

Chicken waffle at Think sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

Almost all the ingredients used in the dishes are natural and comes from local producers, and the eggs are ecological. They do themselves the whole preparation of the dishes in an artisan way. In fact, this is the same philosophy they followed from the beginning with the preparation of their cakes. And talking about sweets, get ready! Because you will be surprised by their variety of cakes, pastries, cupcakes, cookies from the assortment you can choose from.

Cakes at Think Sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

This Japanese cheesecake it’s similar to a pancake but much softer and with a delicate flavor.


There’s a great diversity in the drinks, coffees, teas, infusions, juices and smoothies. We tried the tropic smoothie with blueberries, banana, light coconut milk, mango jam and chia seeds. It was just delicious and very filling!

Tropical smoothie at Think Sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

You can enjoy this colorful brunch from 11am to 4pm, but I recommend you to go there between 11am and 1pm, because is easier to find a table. At the moment they don’t open on Sundays, but it’s quite likely that they will open 7 days a week in the future.

You can also book a table online, this way you are sure you won’t lose any minute of your lunch time, if you are going during the week.

Brunch at Think Sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

The quiet interior makes this place the perfect spot for a restoring lunch break. You’ll be able to disconnect completely from your work and relax while you enjoy some delicious food.

They also have Wi-Fi, which works quite well, so if you are looking for a tranquil spot to have some work done while you enjoy an afternoon snack, I’m sure you’ll come back very often to be able to try aaaaaall their cakes! By the way the Japanese cheesecake can be order also for afternoon snacking 😉

Japanese cheesecake at Think Sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

I would finally like to stand out a detail that they have at Think Sweet and it’s something that you normally don’t see in Barcelona. Once they have taken your order, they will bring you a small bottle of filtered water with fresh fruit on it. Small details like these are the ones that the restaurant owner cares about you.

Free water at Think Sweet - New brunch in Barcelona

Finally, I’d like to conclude this post with the video I took during my visit.


Brunch Think Sweet map

Watch the complete map of brunch by Coffee & Brunch

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