31 Mugs to Have Always the Perfect Gift Idea

31 Mugs Brilliant gift ideas

Have you ever asked yourself if the color of the mug you drink your coffee with can influence the flavor you perceive?

Flavour Journal is a section of the website called BioMed Central, where they publish studies about flavours, how they are generated, their perception and its influence over behavior and nutrition.

In the article Does the colour of the mug influence the taste of the coffee? three researchers tell the results of an experiment where they served coffee with milk in three different kind of mugs, one white, one blue and one of glass. The result was that the one drank in the white mug, was the one perceived as less sweet. One of the conclusions of this experiment is that the contrast between the mug color and the color of the coffee can affect the perception of the intensity and the sweetness of the coffee itself.

If you’ve ever noticed, most of the cafes serve espresso, and the majority of the beverages prepared with espresso, in white mugs. However, coffees prepared by infusions, are normally served with transparent glasses.

Believing this study or not, a mug is an object we use daily and is a perfect gift for any occasion. I have selected here 31 mugs, so you never run out of ideas. As you will notice, many of the mugs have a positive message. This goes in line with one of my New Year’s Resolutions, surrounding me with positives affirmations and attitudes. These mugs that I have chosen for you make me feel good or smile when I see them.

If you don’t speak Spanish, the title is the translation of the message.

Mugs with positive and motivational messages, that will help you start the day with energy.

If you can dream it, you can make it

Mug gift idea If you can dream you can do itAmazon 12,90€

There’s nothing impossible

This is perfect for the unicorn lovers; I think that my friend Flor would love it 🙂

Mug gift idea - Nothing is impossibleAmazon 12,90€

Smile because life flies

Mug gift idea - Smile life fliesAmazon 12,90€

You can with everything –> You are amazing

Mug gift idea - You can with everythingAmazon 12,90€

Good vibes

Mug gift idea good vibesSociety6 15$

Today I’m gonna get all I want

Mug gift idea - I'll achieve everythingAmazon 12,90€

Eat well, travel often

Mug gift idea - Eat well. travel oftenSociety6 15$


Mugs for any relative

For daddies who need coffee

Mug gift idea for daddy's coffeeEtsy 17,85€

Superheroes there are many, but no one is as good as my daddy

Mug gift idea for best dadAmazon 9,95€

Being a daddy will be just great

Mug gift idea - I'll love been a dadAmazon 9,95€

You are the best daughter in the entire world

Mug gift idea for the best daughterAmazon 12,90€

You are the best sister in the entire world
Mug gift idea for the best sisterAmazon 12,90€

Mugs that change its color with the temperature.

Remember that you can’t wash them in the dishwasher machine.

Mug gift idea that changes color - LightbulbAmazon 9,90€

Mug gift idea that changes color - BatteryAmazon 6,46€

Mug gift idea that changes color - smileAmazon 9,90€

Toast & Jam – Together is better

Mugs gift idea - Better together

Mug gift idea - Better togetherAmazon 24€


Ok, this is kind of impossible to translate and I’m opened to suggestion. But just so you know, it’s a great mug to give to single friends that are awesome. I think I’ll get one for myself 😀

Mug gift idea - I'm coolAmazon 12,90€

For photographers/food bloggers

Mug gift idea for food bloggerEtsy 14,23€

Mug gift idea for food photographerEtsy 28,56€

For people whom coffee affect them

Mug gift idea - Don't even try to talk before my coffeeSociety6 15$

For left-handed: D

Mug gift idea for left handedEtsy 17,85€

For those who travel

Mug gift idea for travelersSociety6 15$

Mug gift idea for travelersSociety6 15$

Mug gift idea - Adventure awaitsSociety6 15$

For yogis or pug lovers

Mug gift idea for yoga or pug lover Society6 15$

For mountain lovers

Mug gift idea for mountains loverSociety6 15$

For that person obsessed with avocado

Mug gift idea for avocado loverSociety6 15$


Finally, these four are the Coffee & Brunch official mugs #OnlyForCoffeeAndBrunchLovers. We have created the designs together with Micaela Esposito. Two are dedicated to brunch lovers and two are dedicated to coffee lovers. How do you find them?

For every sold mug, 10% of Coffee & Brunch earnings* will be donate to the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation to support his Food Revolution.

Brunch is my second name

Mug gift idea - Brunch is my second nameSociety6 15$

Today is a good day to brunch

Mug gift idea for brunch loverSociety6 15$

Ok, but first my coffee

Mug gift idea - ok, but first my coffeeSociety6 15$

I’m out of service without coffee – Sorry for the inconvenience

Mug gift idea for people who need coffeeSociety6 15$


*The purchase process is carried out on the platform Society6 responsible for the production and shipping. Coffee & Brunch earn just a small percentage of each sale.

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