Make Brunches Beautiful with Arist

Everyone knows that there’s nothing that quite completes brunch than a freshly brewed cup of coffee, deep and aromatic, warming you up and jumpstarting your body. Whether you enjoy your cappuccinos or espressos, coffee is a wonderful addition to any brunch. But sometimes, we can’t be bothered to brew a fresh batch – either we’re running late for a meeting or are just not feeling up to it, and we settle for some of those instant mixes, or no coffee at all.

But this will soon be a thing of the past, with smartphone technology paving the way for us to make beautiful brews with the tap of a button on our iPhones. Experts estimate that by the end of next year there will be 2 billion smartphone users – double the figure that Gaming Realms, the owners of Spin Genie, reported in 2012. Smartphones are becoming the most pervasive gadgets of the modern age, and we’d all love to be able to do everything – even prepare brunch – on them, wouldn’t we?

Enter Arist, the revolutionary device that automates the process of brewing coffee while giving you full control of the products you make. The most successful coffee maker on Kickstarter, Arist doesn’t just make regular cups of coffee – you can make a variety of signature drinks with recipes that you can download or create yourself. Using the Arist’s partner app on your phone, you can fine-tune the recipes for your favorite brews, adding more milk froth as you wish, maybe use less sugar this time around – whatever you want to do, you can. Precision controls allow you to get the most out of your cups of coffee, and the Arist remembers all your preferences so that the next time you make your coffee, it’ll all be done with a tap of a button. You can even configure Arist to shoot you a notification in the morning to ask if you want your coffee brewed, so it’ll be ready and waiting for you by the time you get to the kitchen. On your way home from a long day of work? Tell Arist to brew you your favorite blend and you’ll have it sitting on your counter waiting for you.


The cherry on top is that the Arist looks like it was designed by an artist too. It’s beautiful and compact, available in a variety of different colors and looks, so that it fits into any countertop in any kitchen, and all you need to be able to use it with your phone is a WiFi connection.

Having just been funded late last year, Arist is available for preorder on their website for $349. It’s a device that could revolutionize the way we make breakfast and brunch, and we’ll definitely stay on the lookout for this marvelous device to hit the shelves.

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