Learn how to decorate biscuits

How are you at biscuit decorating? I’m pretty awful, but now I have discovered the tutorial video of Amber Spiegel and now I’ll probably try some of her amazing works of art. I’m sharing with you some of her videos, because I know you’ll love them! 

How did she get this idea of decorating biscuits with such original designs? I think her commentary to a video she made on French macaroons is a good response:

I have a confession! The thought of making a French macaron intimidates me. I haven’t made a batch since I was in culinary school, and I don’t plan on trying again any time soon. But, making a decorated cookie that looks like a macaron? I can handle that!


You can sign up for her newsletters on her website or subscribe to her youtube cannel where you can find an infinite number of outlandishly decorated biscuits. 

My personal favourites are the eggs and bacon:

But what about the cake biscuits?

Will you try any of these decorations? Which one did you like the most?

Tell me about it on the following comments!

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