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On 19/02/2016
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This new place in the city fits in the category ‘Kitchen and Coffee’, offering continuous opening hours and 100% artisanal food which are suitable for any time of the day.

The products are handmade and use seasonal ingredients which are locally sourced.

On the brunch menu you’ll find original ideas with a slightly british touch – like Kedgeree, a typical dish which consists mainly of smoked fish, boiled rice, egg, butter and curry spices.

Poached eggs-Kedgeree and Mocha in restaurant La Esquina-Barcelona

La Esquina is another restaurant that cares about people with intolerances or allergies and for that reason the menu indicates the ingredients in each dish which may be “problematic”.

Brunch around plaza Cataluña-Pancakes with fruits and caramel sauce in La Esquina-Barcelona

You can also enjoy an excellent mocha here, and all the coffees are prepared by expert baristas playing with the queen of all coffee machines, La Marzocco.

Brunch around plaza Cataluña

The atmosphere and decoration of the restaurant are magnificent and I adored the ladies’ bathroom! The open space allows you to reserve a table for large groups, or come with a pram.

Inside of restaurant La Esquina

You can enjoy this brunch around plaza Cataluña on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 6pm.

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Mapa La Esquina

See the complete Coffee & Brunch map

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