La Carioca – Brazilian brunch in Barceloneta neighborhood

Brazilian Brunch Barcelona
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La Carioca is the latest brunch restaurant to have opened in the Barceloneta neighborhood. Hidden on the corner of an alley in the old fishing district, it’s quite small (maximum capacity 26 people), but well looked after and welcoming.

La Carioca - Brasilian brunch in Barceloneta

Here you can enjoy a brunch with a distinctive Brazilian touch. In fact, La Carioca’s surname is “Tapioqueria” – which points to its star dish, tapioca. Tapioca is a kind of crunchy crepe on the outside with a soft inside made of tapioca flour, a gluten-free flour which is very common in Brazil.

Tapioca for brunch at La Carioca - Barceloneta

The brunch menu is based largely on this dish, and there are various versions, but you’ll also find Eggs Benedict, pancakes made with yucca flour (also gluten-free), avocado toast, smoothies, Mimosas, yoghurt, and of course, açai bowls and pan de queso (cheese bread).

Pancakes for brunch at La Carioca - Barceloneta

Generally the food is based around seasonal, 0 km ingredients that are, whenever possible, organic.

Açai smoothie and cheese bread at brunch La Carioca

The two Brazilian girls behind this project are charming, and provide an attentive and friendly service.


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