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Portraying kitsch and extravagant style, this bar located in the Gótico area offers an Italian aperitif every Tuesday. The first consumption costs 5€ and the free buffet includes both vegan and vegetarian dishes, all homemade.
Italian aperitivo in Gotico neighbourhood-Sor Rita-Montaditos and fuet“Todo Sabor Mi Martes” is the play on words used by Sor Rita for their Tuesdays’ Italian aperitivo. Like many details of this bar, the phrase is related to Almodóvar and one of his movies, “Todo Sobre Mi Madre” (All About My Mother). The bar has a very kitsch and flamboyant style where the extravagance and shrillness transform into normalcy. Here, the Spanish folklore blends with a profane vision of religion. One encounters high heel shoes stuck to the ceiling, a Barbie collection representing Kamasutra positions, numerous framed photographs glued to the wall, and of course, last but not least, the image of Sor Rita.

The first consumption for this Italian aperitif in Gótico is of 5€ and you can choose among a mediana, two quintos, wine, a small bottle of Cava, Campari or a soda. The beverage is ordered directly at the bar starting from 8:30 pm, when the aperitif is already laid out on the bar. A small plate will be included with your consumption, so that you can fill it with the food of your choice. The buffet is generally composed of montaditos, salads, and hummus, and most of the dishes are vegetarian or vegan and all of them are homemade.

Be aware that it is probable that the bar will be full even before 8:30pm, so I advise an early arrival if you’d like to find a seat. Moreover, even though the quantity of food offered is considerable and the dishes are refilled, depending on the amount of customers, there is a probability that there won’t be much left after some time. An Italian aperitif in Gótico neighborhood in a  place with a style so original as this was much needed in our Drunch route!


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