10 Healthy Halloween Recipes for your Brunch


We’re already at the end of October and as per the Christian calendar All Saints Day is approaching. The eve of this religious festival is know as Halloween, which has roots in pagan origins and it’s related with Celtic traditions.

In Italy when I was little, Halloween was basically unheard of, just as it was here in Spain. However, in recent years, as with many other american traditions, its popularity has been growing – so much so that now it’s quite common, as much among children as among adults.

I suppose that as I write a blog about brunch, a tradition typically regarded as coming from the English-speaking world, it makes sense for me to write about Halloween. And so here I am, ready to give you tips for some healthy Halloween recipes for your brunch.

On my Halloween-brunch pinterest board you’ll find a load of recipes, but here I’m just going to include the healthiest – because even on a festive occasion, we need to keep looking after our bodies.

Click on the pics to see the recipes.

1. Frozen boo-nanas

These bananas remind me of the “choco-banano” that I tried in Guatemala, but these ones are just cuter and scarier:




2. Monster apple bites

Smiley monsters, just begging us to eat them:

healthy halloween recipe-monster-apple-bites



3. Veggie skeletons

11 vegetables arranged in the shape of a skeleton. Which bone do you want to start with?

healthy halloween recipe-veggie-skeleton



4. Egg-skeleton and egg-spider

Of course, brunch couldn’t be without eggs – how’s this idea of giving them the look of a skeleton, or a spider?

healthy halloween recipe-egg skeleton and egg spider



5. Grapefruit Jack o’ Lantern

Make the classic Jack o’ Lantern with a grapefruit, and fill it with seasonal fruit.

healthy halloween recipe-grapefruit-jacko-lanterns



6. Strawberry ghosts

It might not be the season for strawberries, but I wanted to add these in because these little ghosts are too cute, and the recipe is super easy

healthy halloween recipe-scary-strawberries



7. Apple mummies

A more than simple recipe, but one that’s amazingly effective

healthy halloween recipe-apple mummies



8. Scary face

Frankenstein’s face might be scary, but with these vegetables it’s pretty harmless.

healthy halloween recipe-frankenstein-veggie-platter



9. Eggy eyeballs

Filled eggs, with an unsettling look of eyeballs

healthy halloween recipe-egg-like-eyes



10. Another Jack o’ Lantern

Scary faces made with peppers, containing vegetables and salsa

healthy halloween recipe-bell-pepper-jack-o-lanterns-vegetables-dip-su



10+1. Chocolate-mousse tombs

This recipe is an addition to the list because I promised you 10 healthy Halloween recipes and this one is an intruder. But it’s chocolate so enough said.

“Seeking the right balance” is my new motto, so how bad can it be to eat a little chocolate alongside so much healthy food? If this is what your body is asking you, just give it to him, as long as it’s in moderation, your body will thank you for it

healthy halloween recipe-chocolate mousse tomb


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    Oh. My. God. I know what I'll be doing this weekend then - spending every free minute trying to recreate those beautiful images. I especially like the bonus recipe, can't really go wrong with chocolate ;) Thanks for sharing!
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      That's definitely a good way to spend your free time this weekend, especially with the chocolate recipe :) Thank you for your comment!
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