Healthy And Easy To Make Red Berries Jam

Gluten-free red berries jam, easy to make, healthy and vegan

Look at the improved HOMEMADE JAM recipe.

It’s healthier and even more delicious.


Have you ever paid attention to the foods’ label you buy? Isn’t it true that there’s always an added ingredient you don’t understand its reason to be there? Most of the times it’s about preservatives, others it’s about sweeteners that give a sweet touch and very often artificial flavors. So with regards to the jam, we mostly find them there and unfortunately very little fruit, which should be the main ingredient. What I have learned since I have started to take interest in healthy nutrition, is that the less processed food is, the healthiest and the most nutritious.

Red berries jam, easy to make, healthy, gluten-free and vegan

Most cases are sugar and white flours, two basic ingredients in our diets and present in a lot of food we eat.

The best solution to reduce the intake is to prepare our homemade recipes, where we know what ingredients we are going to use.

Vegan red berries jam easy to make, healthy and gluten-free

Like this red fruits jam, is very easy to prepare and healthy, because we are simply going to use fresh fruits and ecological whole sugar cane that is also fair trade (it’s good to help also producers if we can).

Healthy and vegan red berries jam, easy to make and gluten-free

The moment you will taste it, you will feel the difference from industrial jams, where the fruit flavor is completely masked by the use of sugar.

Go ahead and prepare your healthy homemade jam! I’m sure that your body will thank you for it.

Healthy Berries jam gluten-free, vegan and easy to make

Yields 200 gr

Healthy And Easy To Make Red Berries Jam

5 minPrep Time

55 minTotal Time

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1 cup of strawberries (130 g)
½ cup of blackberries (80 g)
½ cup of blueberries (80 g)
½ cup of raspberries (75 g)
1/3 cup of ecological raw fair trade sugar


  1. Wash and cut the fruits in small pieces.
  2. Put it in a cooking pot at medium heat and wait a few minutes until it starts to release water. There’s not need to add more water.
  3. When you feel there’s enough water, add the sugar and stir it all up during 2 minutes with a wooden spoon.
  4. Once the fruit is boiling, reduce the heat and open the cooker’s lid a bit, that it releases steam.
  5. Continue stirring each 4 or 5 minutes.
  6. After around 50 minutes, when the jam has thickened, turn off the heat and let it cool down. Keep in mind that as the jam cools down it will be denser.
  7. Pour the jam in a clean crystal jar and storage it in the fridge.



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Healthy and easy to make red berries jam

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  1. 1
    This looks yummy, reminds me of the PC's Low sugar Triple Berry Jam i used to buy all the time. How long does this last in the fridge before going bad?
    • 2
      Thanks, Kate! The longest I had this jam in the fridge was about 8 weeks, but not because it went bad after that, but because I finished it ;)
  2. 3

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