Good looking but mediocre brunch – The Room Service

Good looking but mediocre brunch–The Room Service-Bagel with salmon
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On 06/10/2013
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The Room Service is located in an expensive neighbourhood of Barcelona. They offer many brunch dishes, which look good but are pretty mediocre. The service is not efficient and its terrace it’s right on a very busy corner.

Good looking but mediocre brunch–The Room Service-PancakesNot long time ago a reader wrote me surprised that I still did not have reviewed a certain brunch place. This is called “The Room Service” and is located in the neighbourhood Sarrià. So we decided to go on a Sunday morning and made a reservation.
The place is very nice, with large windows all around the corner of the street and the terrace is big, although unfortunately is located on a busy corner. The menu is printed on cans and as soon as we had a look I could see that the prices were pretty high. I thought it was because of the location and of course of the quality of food and the good service. After eating our brunch, I can say it’s just because of the neighbourhood…
The pancakes that we ordered with strawberries, cream and syrup, were very small and the strawberries was actually only one catted in four pieces. The price of 8€ for this dish is definitely too much. Same for the bagel with salmon, which cost 9€. We paid 8€ for a small portion of eggs with potatoes and chistorra, which were dry and looked like reheated. The bagel burger for 9,50€ was good but not very easy to eat. The brunch club for 8€, which I consider still expensive, at least tasted great. By the way, note that you have to pay 10% more if you sit on the terrace.
Service is mediocre, even thought there were only a few customers when we arrived; we had to wait pretty long to ordered. When we asked for a second drink while eating, we had to wait more than 10 minutes to be served, until the waiter, staying a few meters away, finished his cigarette. I have to admit that the place and the food look fantastic, but unfortunately the quality is very low. Would you really enjoy a good looking but mediocre brunch?

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