Gluten-free mexican brunch – Lucy’s house with WithLocals

Gluten-free mexican brunch–Lucy house thanks to WithLocals-Tropical ceviche

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Lucy is a host in WithLocals, a platform based on sharing economy. At Lucy’s place you can enjoy an incredible gluten-free mexican brunch.

Gluten-free mexican brunch–Lucy house thanks to WithLocals-TacosI’m very happy to be able to add a culinary experience based on sharing economy to my blog. WithLocals is a website that puts people in touch through food and other interests, and which gives you the opportunity to experience unique and enriching situations.
On the site you can choose between various experiences, bearing in mind that the price varies with the number of people taking part in the event (there’s a maximum of 14). 
Once I’d made the booking I received all the details that I needed – including the address and a contact number for Lucy. This gluten-free mexican brunch was set for 2pm, but the timings aren’t rigidly fixed. When we arrived at the apartment there were our hosts, Lucy and Chris, a charming couple with incredible culinary talent. There was another couple there with us, so it was a relaxed meal for 6 people where we could get to know one another and enjoy a delicious menu.

Lucy studied cooking and is a nutritionist – her mission is to help people get access to more healthy food. For this event she wanted to present food that was typically mexican, but also healthy and light – ideal for the hot summer climate

Gluten-free mexican brunch–Lucy house thanks to WithLocals-Water before dessertOn the table were already laid out some corn chips with four different sauces: a traditional mexican salsa with tomatoes and onions, called ‘pico de gallo’, tomato salsa with mild chilli pepper and sweetcorn, one really hot sauce made with 3 dried chillies and pineapple, and another with green tomatoes and serrano peppers. There was also homemade corn bread which we ate with a little butter, to enhance the already delicious flavour.
– The first dish we were served was an Acapulco-style ceviche made with sea bass, tomato, cucumber and onion, marinated in lime juice with coriander. I’m not a huge fan of ceviche as I feel that the flavour is often too strong, but this was much lighter than usual. It was followed by a sweet, tropical ceviche made with prawns, mango, strawberries, avocado and red onion. That really was delicious!
– The ceviches were followed by a rolled corn taco filled with refried beans, and an open ‘discada’ taco with bacon, peppers, onion, cheese and pieces of beef.
– The third dish was a light version of ‘tamales’ – a chard leaf, filled with polenta and cheese, which is boiled and then served with crème fraîche and a tomato sauce containing mild chilli and sweetcorn.
– Before moving on to the dessert, Lucy gave us some slices of watermelon with salt, pepper and lemon juice. That’s right – fruit and salt can surprise you sometimes!
– Finally, the dessert was a little ball of rice pudding, served in a cup of ‘aztec chocolate’ – mexican chocolate with cinnamon, a hint of hot chilli, orange liqueur and tequila, with unsweetened whipped cream on top.

Gluten-free mexican brunch-Lucy house thanks to WithLocals-Lucy and IBefore the event I got in touch with Lucy through the website to tell her that I wouldn’t drink any alcohol and that I’m not a big fan of spicy food. She reassured me, saying that she usually leaves the spicy components of the dishes to one side so that people can serve themselves according to their own taste, and I can confirm that even if you don’t particularly like spicy food, you can still enjoy this delicious mexican brunch. After the introductions on arrival, they immediately served us drinks and as a non-alcoholic refreshment they gave me some ‘cool Jamaican water’ – an infusion of hibiscus flowers served chilled. Refreshing, light and delicious. They also served mexican corona beer and margaritas.

The event lasted about 2 hours, and I was actually really sad to say goodbye. I have no doubt that I’ll soon be trying another one of Lucy’s plans!
Also, before saying goodbye to our hosts, they gave us a voucher for a 15€ discount for a future WithLocals experience with a year’s validity.

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