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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of taking part in an event in which we visited a very special bakery. I’m talking about the bakery Pastelosofía, where gluten is not welcome and all the cakes are home-made and healthy. It’s basically paradise for those with food intolerances, where you can tell them which intolerance you suffer from and they’ll make a cake that’s suitable for you.

Gluten-free cakes in Barcelona-Pastelosofia-Nutella cupcake

The person behind this project is Montse, a philosopher who was diagnosed with gluten and lactose intolerance two years ago, after being sick for the previous 5 years.

After receiving the diagnosis, and seeing the scarcity of gluten-free cakes, Montse started to learn how to bake cakes at home, before deciding to train professionally and taking the decision to open her own bakery. She was inspired by the desire to help others who, like her, had seen their life change after discovering that they suffer from a food intolerance. Pastelosofia’s slogan is “a wiser bakery”, a slogan chosen by Montse to embody her objective – to make the healthiest products possible by avoiding refined ingredients like, for example, white sugar.

Gluten-free cakes in Barcelona-Pastelosofia-More cookies 

It was very interesting to hear Montse’s story, because it’s hard to imagine how difficult life can become for those who suffer food intolerances. Having to constantly think about what you’re eating, go looking for ingredients that won’t harm you, and the financial burden that the new diet brings. Having to give up dinner with friends, let alone birthday parties- where the celiac is the one who will not try the cake (unless the this has been prepared with gluten-free flour). Rice flour, maize flour, teff flour (the latter very nutritious, but also very expensive). In fact, the celiac probably knows non-wheat flours better than anyone.

But, what is gluten? Gluten is a mixture of proteins of low nutritional and biological value – so excluding it from a diet isn’t a problem. Gluten does, however, provide the elasticity that you have in cake and bread doughs. Without gluten it’s hard to get an elastic, spongy consistency, and that means that when making cakes you have to constantly experiment with the quantities of different ingredients – including starch, which provides elasticity. After many attempts, Montse now manages to produce marvels without this protein.

Gluten-free cakes in Barcelona-Pastelosofia-Carrot cake

Amongst so many delicacies, I had the opportunity of trying her carrot cake, a cheesecake cupcake and a nutella cupcake, various flavours of cookies such as strawberry flavour, cacao, butter with chocolate chips, (she offers now 8 different flavours and will make more) a vanilla madeleine and some savoury pizza triangles. As you might imagine, with the sweet tooth that I have, I have tasted many many desserts in my life – but few of this of quality! The problem is that considering they’re not heavy or too sweet, I’d never stop eating them!

If you are aware of the high prices of gluten-free products, you might be thinking that you would leave half of your salary if visiting Pastelosofía. However, even though the row materials are quite expensive, Montse tries to maintain similar prices as a normal bakery. For example, a 24cm cake would cost between 35 and 45€ depending on the flavour. Cupcakes cost 2,5€ and 6 cookies would cost 2,5€ and you can mix flavours.   

Gluten-free cakes in Barcelona-Pastelosofia-Heart of cheesecake cupcake

If at any point you’re looking for gluten-free cakes in Barcelona, or if you’ve already found them, I recommend trying those from Pastelosofia – you will be quite impressed.   

You might also wanted to know that on Tuesdays they have gluten-free bread from Nouceland bakery, which you can reserve by placing an order on Monday.

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