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Gluten-free brunch-Mostassa-CheesecakeThe full name of this new brunch place in Barcelona is: Mostassa (mustard) – The Ethical Kitchen. One glance at the menu will tell you why: eggs and organic bread; fresh, seasonal, zero-km food; gluten-free bread (rare in most brunches), vegan and vegetarian dishes and health-foods like chia seeds, quinoa, agave and kale (here you may notice a sarcastic reference on my part to another post in my blog).

There’s a really good range of food at this brunch, from dishes with eggs, sandwiches and salads, through to pancakes, granola and incredible cakes. There are a few stand out main dishes as well, which add an exotic touch to the menu – such as fish tacos and tandoori chicken.

What surprised me about this brunch was that the prices are pretty moderate (I’d go so far as to say low), considering what’s on offer. What I mean is that they haven’t just created a menu filled with fashionable words that they can later use as an excuse for exorbitant prices! So that you can get an idea: a large, organic, natural fruit juice drink will cost just €3.50 and, if you want, they’ll add chia seeds for free!

Gluten-free brunch-Mostassa-BrunchAnd I definitely think they have the lowest price on teas and infusions in the city. You can choose between between eleven (yes, 11) kinds of tea and each costs just €1.60! If you’re more of a coffee person, an espresso costs just €1.00 and if you like to have it with milk – but not just any kind of milk – here you can choose from fresh milk, skimmed milk, oat milk or soya milk.

In the photos I’ve added the food and drinks menus so you can have a look at them.

They’ve been recently changed, which I personally think is a very good idea, as the place has recently opened and they’re on the lookout for improvements!

You might be wondering why they’ve called themselves Mostassa? Well, it’s because they specialise in home-made mustards (mostassa in Catalan) that are served with their gourmet hotdogs. These can also be ordered for brunch, if you so wish.

Gluten-free brunch-Mostassa-Hot dog

Brunch days in Mostassa are Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays from 10am to 4.30pm. Bear in mind that it’s not a large space (such a shame!) but that you can at least reserve a table.

Finally the chance to enjoy a gluten-free brunch and much more, in a friendly place with wonderful service!

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