10 Perfect Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Perfect gifts for Coffee Lovers

I can’t believe that it’s only a few weeks until Christmas, right?

Some people have already started their Christmas lists, and that’s exactly why I’m writing for you today – to give you some ideas and help you choose the best things for your friends and family declared Coffee Lover. And if the coffee lover is you, just send this post to whoever you’d like to give a little hint about presents that might take your fancy.

1. A mug for coffee lovers

A mug is a classic gift, be it customised or customisable. Today there’s an incredible range of designs, but here I’ve selected a special one appropriate for coffee lovers whom coffee give a “special” effect.

Translation: “Don’t even try – Not yet, but almost – Ok, now you can talk – Too late, gotta go to the toilet”

Mug ni se te ocurra - gifts for Coffee Lovers

Buy it on Society6 for 15$


2. The perfect coffee tray

For those who pay attention to every detail when serving coffee at home, this vintage style tray is perfect for adding an original touch.

Coffee tray - Gift for Coffee Lovers

Buy it on Amazon for 13,15€


3. Tea towel for coffee lovers

Staying on the theme of kitchen decoration this tea towel, hand printed in Madrid, is perfect for a present – and also comes wrapped up with a pretty label.

It’s made from 100% cotton, using water colours that are eco-friendly. The cloth is prewashed to stop it from shrinking, and there’s a cotton strip on the back to hang it up with. Measurements: 67x48cm (26.4inx19in)

Kitchen cloth - Gift for Coffee Lover

Buy it on Etsy for 13,11€


4. Double wall glasses with thermal effect

These designer glasses, from the Bodum label, are made with a double wall so that liquid keeps it temperature for a longer time. You can microwave them, put them through the dishwasher, and they come in a gift box.

Luxus Coffee glasses - Gift for Coffee Lovers

Buy on Amazon 2 glasses 35 cl for 25,80€


5. T-shirt for coffee lover

A T-shirt is another classic gift that will never let you down. I’ve recommended two designs here, and you can choose between various models and colors for men and women. Visit the online shop and keep in mind that shipment is free if you buy at least 3 articles.

“Ok, but first MY COFFEE”


Woman shirt - Gifts for Coffee Lovers


Man shirt - Gifts for Coffee Lovers

“No function without coffee – sorry for the inconvenience”


Woman shirt - Gifts for Coffee Lovers


Man shirt - Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Buy on La Tostadora for 18,90€


6. The best coffees in the world

And for those with a refined palate, this selection of coffees (you can choose between coffee beans or ground coffee): 30 g of Kopi Luwak, 50 g of Jamaica Blue Mountain and 100 g of Hawaii Kona. Kopi Luwak is currently the most expensive kind of coffee available, and you’ll be amazed when you realise why it has special characteristicJamaica Blue Mountain grows at altitudes of between 500 and 1600 metres. The beans are hand picked and the flavour is slightly sweet, with a delicate acidity. Hawaii Kona has a fruity body, with low acidity and light notes of sweet nuts.

Coffee box for Coffee Lovers

Buy on Amazon for 27,90€ 


7. 100% natural mug

This mug is made from natural, recycled material – rice husks. The husks of rice are grinded and combined with a natural resin to give the shape in a moulding process that takes place at high temperatures. This is a natural insulating material which preserves the temperature of a drink over a long time, and which is also lighter that other materials. It’s 100% organic, without any additional chemicals that may be harmful to your health or the natural environment. If used correctly it can last for years, but when exposed to the environment it is also totally biodegradable.

100% natural travel mug - Gift for Coffee Lovers

Buy on Amazon for 14,95€


8. A book to help you learn how to prepare the best coffees

A book about how to serve a high quality coffee in your own home. Step by step techniques to prepare the coffee beans, learn how to use specialist tools and create works of latte art just like a professional barista.

Book Coffee Obsession - Gifts for coffee lovers

Buy on Amazon for 17,97€


9. Decorative wall sticker

Going back to the house decoration theme, these wall stickers are perfect for the kitchen of a true coffee lover.

Vinyl coffee cups - Gift for Coffee Lovers

Buy on Amazon for 3,35€

Vinyl I love Coffee - Gift for Coffee Lovers

Buy on Amazon for 2,65€


10. Coffee lover’s apron

I bet you have a cooking-mad friend who can’t go without coffee for even a day. An apron is a useful gift, which also has a fun message. These are handmade and created to order – so you can choose the colour you prefer.

Apron - Gift for Coffee Lovers

Buy on Etsy for 24,09€

Apron for Coffee Lovers

Buy on Etsy for 24,09€


(10+1) Coffee hand grinder

If your budget is a little bigger, this is a slightly more special present.True coffee lovers and experts prefer to grind coffee beans just before using them to keep all their aromas. This ceramic hand grinder allows you to choose the kind of grind that you want.

Coffee grinder - Gift for Coffee Lovers

Buy on Amazon for 32,48€


(10+2) Cafe Fred cold brew

In my post from two weeks ago I told you about Cafè Fred, a specialty cold brew coffee. What coffee lover wouldn’t want to receive a supply of high-quality coffee that’s ready to use? Don’t forget that you also have a discount of 5€ on the purchase, just for being a Coffee & Brunch reader. All the information you need is in this post.

Cold brew coffee- Gift for Coffee Lovers


Don’t wait until the last minute to get your Christmas presents. Get ahead with your shopping, and don’t get stressed at the last minute!

Visit my pinterest board to find more ideas for the perfect gift for coffee and brunch lovers. 

Perfect gifts for coffee lovers

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