Fruits and Chia Seeds Smoothie – Consume in Moderation

Fruits and chia seeds smoothie - Mango, melon and papaya

Summer is approaching, temperatures are rising and our diet tends to change giving priority to refreshing foods. This fruits and chia seeds smoothie is a good option for the sweet tooth.

Personally I usually drink smoothies when the weather is warm. One of the reason I drink smoothies is to to add to my diet some vegetable or fruit which I usually don’t eat alone because I don’t like its flavor.

Fruits and chia seeds smoothie - Mango, melon and papaya

In this fruits and chia seeds smoothie the fruit that never eat alone is the melon. Since I was little I never liked its taste, but I remember that in summer I was happy when my mother cut one opened because in the afternoon we used to sit down to eat the melon seeds. Have you ever tried them? It takes some time to wash them but it’s not complicated. When you take them out of the melon you remove the bigger pieces and you put the seeds in a strainer under a stream of water while you take out the remaining pulp. Once the seeds are clean, dry them with a dish towel and they are ready to eat. In Spain people usually eat pumpkin seeds, in my house, in summer, we ate fresh melon seeds.

To hide the taste of the melon, I’ve added to this smoothie the same amount of papaya and mango, fruits that I do love. I also added half a banana to give it a little more consistency, and chia seeds which have many properties such as high quantity of calcium, fatty acids like omega 3 and a big quantity of protein, if compared to other seeds.

Fruits and chia seeds smoothie - Mango, melon and papaya

Is it really healthy to drink smoothies?

In general I have found that there are contrasting opinions on whether it’s healthy to consume smoothies and how many of them. That’s why I’ve tried to find as much information as possible and here is what I found:

1. If you take exactly the same energy in liquid form, rather than solid, you will end up consuming more energy throughout the day, because liquid energy does not satisfy your appetite in the same way as solid food. 

2. Peaks of glucose in the blood may depend on how the food is presented to the digestive system. 

3. Dates, bananas, maple syrup, and many fruits are ingredients that, although they are natural, contain high amounts of sugars. Just as nut butters and avocado contain lots of fat. 

4. Even if we use fresh foods in our smoothie, blender blades will break part of the pulp, which will reduce the amount of fiber. This amount of fiber would be higher if we chew our fruits instead of drinking it. 

5. The process of oxidation of the fruit and vegetable begins with the first cut. Which means that when we blend our food we can lose some of the benefits of antioxidants. 

Fruits and chia seeds smoothie - Mango, melon and papaya

Tips on smoothie consumption

Looking for advice I have found two main tips on smoothie consumption:

– Control the amount of fruit, and consequently sugar intake, by placing all the ingredients on the table first before you add the to the mixer. This way you can see the real amount of fruit you are going to digest.

Smoothies should be considered as if they were a treat and not something to be taken daily.

Fruits and chia seeds smoothie - Mango, melon and papaya

How do I prepare my smoothies

– I use fresh and freshly cut fruits and vegetables.

– I do not add ice. If I want a colder smoothie I keep the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator before peeling and cutting it.

– I do not add milk, nor any liquid, since the fruit and vegetables, already have enough liquid.

– I do not add any sweetener because the fruits already have its natural sugars.

Personally I usually don’t drink many smoothies because I do prefer to chew my food and this make me feel more satiated. But yes, once in awhile I fancy one and enjoy it as if it were a dessert.

Consume in moderation: Keep in mind that this fruits and chia seeds smoothie contains only fruits and therefor a lot of sugars.

Fruits and chia seeds smoothie - Mango, melon and papaya

If you are looking for more smoothies ideas, you can have a look at this other recipe with spinach.

Tricolor smoothie with Spinach - healthy brunch recipe

Do you prefer fruits or vegetables smoothies?

What is your favorite smoothie?

2 smoothies

Fruits and chia seeds smoothie

10 minPrep Time

10 minTotal Time

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1 cup of mango
1 cup of papaya
1 cup of melon
2 tablespoons chia seeds
½ banana, medium size


  1. Add all the ingredients in the blender and mix until the ingredients have been incorporated.
  2. Pour into a glass and enjoy it.



111 cal


1 g


28 g


1 g
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Fruits and chia seeds smoothie - Mango, melon and papaya Fruits and chia seeds smoothie - Mango, melon and papaya

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