Food that fools you

What happens when food is not what your eyes see?

Hikaru Cho was born in Tokyo and with his incredible artistic abilities he transforms reality into something it is not. Many of his works alter faces and bodies, adding extra mouths or eyes or erasing necks. But his work is not limited to the human form – he also has a passion for transforming food into something that it isn’t.

One example of his food works is: Losing weight is so easy, right?


Another of his art works has the following title: It’s not what it seems 



And in fact, the cucumber has been painted directly onto a banana with acrylic paint.



In the same series is this aubergine…


…if you drop it, you will make an omelette!



And what do you think of this pair of pears?

Here Hikaru Cho is playing on words with his title: Pear of boobs


I’ll leave you guys a link to his web page here, so you can keep looking more of his job ☺

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