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On 18/12/2015
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It hardly seems possible that Christmas is already here! But anyway, Christmas time, present time! And this year, my dear Coffee & Brunch reader, I’ve got you something special.

It’s a list of a bunch of exclusive brunch offers – Barcelona city, only available for the blog’s readers. So you can get an idea, by identifying yourself as a Coffee & Brunch follower you’ll receive a Mimosa cocktail, a smoothie, or a second cup of coffee for free.

  • What do you have to do to access the offers?

Easy, you need to subscribe to the blog and in one of the emails you’ll receive will be the list of places that have signed up to the scheme. When you’re in the restaurant you’ll need to let the waiter know that you want to participate in the Coffee & Brunch offer and show him the email confirming your subscription to the blog.

Remember that in the same email with the list you’ll also have the link to download the eBrunchBook.

You can easily subscribe writing your email in the box you’ll find at the end of this post.

If you’ve already downloaded the eBrunchBook, send me an email at [email protected] confirming that you would like to take part in the offer.

  • How many times can you use the offers?

With a subscription, you have access to 7 different offers. It’s not fair to repeat an offer! 😀

  • What if you’re a reader of Coffee & Brunch but you don’t live in Barcelona?

Well now you have yet another excuse to visit this wonderful city! Anyway, don’t forget that when you subscribe to the blog you’ll receive a copy of the eBrunchBook. Not a bad little present, right?

  • Questions?

Send me an email, I’ll be very happy to help you!


I hope these little details are to your liking. As this is the last post of 2015, I think I’m going to allow myself to come over a little sentimental, so if you prefer, stop reading now… well, after these good wishes…

I wish you happy holidays, full of love and peace. I hope that your 2016 gets off to a fantastic start and brings you much happiness.

Happy holidays with the exclusive brunch offers - Barcelona city

[Tissues at the ready?] At this time, when we’re getting ready to welcome a new year, we also tend to make a short summary of the year that we’re about to say farewell to. It’s a good moment to be grateful for the good things that have happened – for the good times that made us happy, and for the bad ones that taught us something and helped us appreciate the good times even more.

In 2015 I’m grateful for so many moments that I’ve had the fortune to live, and I want to use this post to thank you, above all, dear reader, for continuing to follow this blog, for reading my words, for following me on social media and for taking part any way that you can. Don’t you know that without you Coffee & Brunch wouldn’t exist? From the bottom of my heart I tell you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I also want to thank all the restauranteurs who believe in my work and in this blog, and who wanted to take part in this initiative. I hope that with the passing of time there’ll be many more.

I’ll see you in 2016 for more brunches and many more new ideas!

Thanking you with the exclusive brunch offers - Barcelona city

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