Eggs benedict at Sagrada Familia – Le Coq & The Burg


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This place has closed. 

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A variety of hamburgers and free-range eggs prepared in diverse ways in this new restaurant of Gaudí Avenue. Affordable prices, great quality, and amiable service.

Eggs benedict at Sagrada Familia - Le Coq & The Burg-Cheesecake At the beginning of Gaudí Avenue, with a view overlooking Sagrada Familia, has opened a restaurant serving hamburgers and eggs. The menu offers 6 different types of hamburgers, and amongst the egg dishes, one can find tortillas, fried and scrambled eggs, and of course, eggs benedict. Furthermore, the selection widens with two salads and three desserts that are also offered. In terms of drinks, besides coffee and soft drink, they have natural fruit juices available.
Upon entering the restaurant, they provide you with a leaflet where you order your food, then pay at the register directly when making your order. Both drinks and food are served directly to your table.
On my visit, I obviously wanted to try the eggs benedict. It’s actually a poached egg with bacon in pan de payés (typical bread of Catalonia) decorated with spring onion and black salt flakes and costs 5,5€. The flavour is delicate, and in the absence of hollandaise sauce (as I ordered), feels very light. The eggs with sobrasada and honey (5€) were delicious, just as the hamburger, which had a medium-large size. Among the desserts, the brownie of 2,8€ is served with red berries ice-cream to create a novel and interesting flavour.
The concept of this restaurant, hamburgers and eggs, is a very specific one, so if you’d like some eggs benedict as Sagrada Familia, this is your place. Maybe, in the future, they will even add more brunch dishes to their menu.

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