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On 18/01/2014
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In this bakery on Eixample Esquerra, the brunch has a very concrete time period: Sundays from 9am to noon and there is only one combination possible: juice, coffee, eggs, yogurt with muesli, and a mini dessert for 8,60€.

Eggs and juice doesn't make a brunch-Hänsel-Dessert and coffee Hänsel is a bakery located in Eixample Esquerra which also offers an à la carte food menu. Its Sunday brunch has very reduced hours, from 9am to noon and there are no dish selections. The price of 8,60€ includes scrambled eggs on ciabatta bread, yogurt with muesli, and a mini dessert. To drink, they offer orange juice, in addition to coffee to accompany the dessert. The place is rather small; on one side there is a large bar exposing the baked goods, the cakes, and the breads, all which looked incredibly delicious. On the opposite side, there is a row of tables very close to one another, with a chair on one side, and a long cushioned bench on the other. The decoration is very simple and modernly designed. There is a small terrace with a few tables right before the entrance where the noise is not very loud.

When I go for brunch I like to have the possibility to choose my favorite dish and it’s a shame that at Hänsel you don’t get to choose. Moreover, my personal opinion is that some eggs and juice don’t make a brunch. What do you think?

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