Drunch and Brinner



What is drunch?

If brunch is a well-established concept, drunch seems to be a new idea – and as brunch is a compound word formed from breakfast+lunch, so drunch is dinner+lunch.

Drunch time tends to be between 6pm and 9pm, and is defined as a meal halfway between a snack and a dinner – a little more abundant than a snack, and a little less substantial and formal than a dinner.

In Barcelona some places offer a free buffet drunch, which includes a drink such as a Bloody Mary, prosecco or gin and tonic, while others have opted for a tapas-style menu with a drink included.

In Italy, especially in the North, something similar has existed for a while, and it goes by the name ‘aperitivo’. It’s usually a savoury free buffet, accompanied by a Campari or Aperol, classic or Spritz, where you pay a little more for your drink and can then help yourself to whatever you fancy from the buffet. In my student days in Bologna, aperitivo was a dinner for students on tight budgets.

In Spain drunch tends to be what everyone calls a snack-dinner.

While in the majority of northern European countries, 7pm coincides with dinner time.

There are also those who define drunch as drunk+lunch, or drunk+brunch, a meal where you go to drink a lot.

Perhaps drunch is considered a new phenomenon just because (as tends to happen) it comes directly from New York. Personally, I like to think that it’s part of our desire to globalise different culinary traditions from other countries. We’ll have to see if this tendency will become a custom and will be accepted in the same way as brunch.


What is brinner?

The word brinner comes from the contraction of the words brunch and dinner, which means eating brunch for dinner.

Here is how you pronounce the word brinner


There are constantly more and more restaurants that offer brunch every day of the week, and for the whole of the working day. Which means that having brinner is not that difficult at all!

What is a brinner

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