A dinner more than aperitif around Sagrada Familia – Don Angelo

  • Carrer de València, 438 - 08002 Barcelona
    Neighborhood: Sagrada Familia
    Metro: Sagrada Familia (L2) (L5)
    932 47 02 34

  • Price: Less than 10€
    Payment: Tarjeta, Ticket Restaurant
    Special Foods: Vegetarian,
    Tickt Rest
    My favourite
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On 29/12/2013
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Don Angelo’s Thursday aperitif is much more similar to an actual dinner. The first consumption has a cost of 7€, which then lowers down to 4€ for any consequent drink. The price includes: a bar filled with homemade food, a pizza for every 2 people, and a plate of pasta to share.
A dinner more than aperitif around Sagrada Familia–Don Angelo-Buffet In order to fully enjoy the drunch/dinner at Don Angelo, it’s necessary to make reservations – but don’t wait until the day before because it’s highly probable that there won’t be any free tables left. Drunch in this restaurant is much more than a simple aperitif, it’s an aperitif + dinner for a ridiculously low price. The formula is as follows: starting from 8:30pm the bar is filled with exquisite food, such as focaccia (homemade), potatoes, chicken, breadsticks, tortilla, mortadella, cheese, cous-cous, and more.

After some time, a waiter comes to the table so that you can make the selection of your desired pizza (1 for every 2 people). If you are unable to decide among 2 flavours, they can prepare half with one flavour, and half with the other.

Once finished with the pizza, you can choose the pasta… Yes, you will select the one of your preference and they will bring a plate to the center for sharing. If you still have a small space left for dessert, you can order it à la carte and it is charged separately.

This is the basis for this aperitif, all for an initial consumption of 7€. Make a note of this place because I don’t think you will want to miss this aperitif/dinner close to Sagrada Familia!


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