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Delicious French Toast in Barcelona-Kulas-French Toast
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On 22/09/2013
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Kulas is a lounge bar offering an every day brunch. Its location is in Passeig de Colom and they have a terrace on the big sidewalk.

Delicious French Toast in Barcelona-Kulas-The sandwich For many weeks on Facebook I kept seeing the ad of a new brunch spot in the city, just because a friend of mine liked their page. Almost running out of new places to visit, I tried to find some information about it. It was impossible to get in contact with them, but at least I had the address. When we arrived luckily there was one table left available on the terrace, because I think it would be difficult to enjoy a brunch inside the place. The Kulas it’s actually a lounge bar. They have many interesting brunch dishes available but no coffee. We tried: Scrambled eggs on toast, Fluffly Omelette, The Sandwich, Cheesburger, Smores Hot Cake and Kulas French Toast.
After waiting about half an hour to place our food order we realised the kitchen was not coordinated, and the last person who received the food only started to eat when almost everyone else was finished.
The food was quite good and I have to say that the French Toast were the best I have ever had in Barcelona. Nevertheless, sitting on a terrace on Passeig Colom meant we had to sit next to lots of cars passing by. Not exactly a quite location I’d say…
The service was very friendly, but the dress code of one of the waitress was not really appropriate. She was wearing mini shorts showing a big bruise on her leg just at the table high. I don’t know, maybe some guest from the night before would have appreciate the show…
Let’s hope new brunch places will soon open in Barcelona but if in the mean time you’d like to enjoy some delicious French Toast in Barcelona, this is your place!

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