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A vegan brunch with seasonal products, where you will discover new flavors and enjoy a space that will make you travel through time.

Clandestin vegan brunch in Raval–Origins brunch-Pates

Nerea Hoyos worked in the fashion world for many years and has now crossed over to the gastronomic realm, where she continues to expertly play with colors while adding the perfect mix of flavors.
Nerea’s intention is to have each brunch be different and creative. There will be times in which there is one sweet serving followed by a savory one, and other times in which both flavors intermix throughout the whole brunch. The idea is that the concept of brunch is preserved, but is carried out with a unique and Mediterranean touch.

The menu is not fixed, and as Nerea explains, “[this] allows me to adapt brunch to my culture of eating seasonal products […] and by using seasons as a guide, I can also play with the colors, an idea that predominates completely in my monochromatic dinners at Origins Dinners.”

The brunch I personally attended was divided in acts. We were welcomed with a grapefruit mimosa and began eating the “pan con tomate” (grilled bread topped with garlic, tomato and olive oil) which we prepared ourselves in addition to a plethora of pates, that were already set on the table, made of beets, avocado, leek sprouts, and hummus.
We continued with the savory dish: mashed potato soufflé with radishes and spiced kidney bean sausage, tofu scrambled with mushrooms in truffle oil, and grilled beets, onions, and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar.
We then passed on to the sweet act, where we were served a sweet polenta accompanied by a rhubarb and strawberry jam, pumpkin compote, and caramelized apples. There was also soy yogurt with orange blossom water and muesli with buckwheat. Finally, we ended the brunch with a blueberry and rose pastry, in addition to some ginger and orange cookies.
One of the first things Nerea asked us when she presented her brunch, was to make ourselves at home, and to stand up and help ourselves to a drink of our choosing amongst a selection of juices, coffee, teas, and non-dairy milks.

You may attend this delicious brunch two Sundays a month, and to find out of any future dates, you can follow the Origins Dinners Facebook page although there will soon be a website specifically for the brunch.
Reservations are obligatory and the last day to confirm is the Friday before the brunch. There is only one service, which lasts from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Payment is in cash and is effectuated after brunch is finished.

I like to define this brunch as “clandestine” in a way, because it takes place in a very special apartment in Raval, with high ceilings and molds, original frescos, a chimney, glasswork, and an incredible terrace. You can arrive only by invitation, by contacting Nerea directly through Facebook, e-mail, or by phone.
This clandestine vegan brunch in Raval will not disappoint, regardless of whether you are vegan/vegetarian, or not.

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