10 Christmas Brunch Recipes

Funny Christmas Brunch Recipes

When I was little my Christmas lasted from afternoon on the 24th to evening on the 26th. We used to spend it with part of my mother’s family, which was about 30 people in total, with a mixture of adults and children. Every day had its own dish and it was the same every year. The night of the 24th was always pigs trotters, on the 25th there was always lasagne, prawns and roast pork, amongst others. And we couldn’t not have pineapple – a fruit that my family only ate (and only eats) at parties, and of course tiramisú and mascarpone cream to eat with the pandoro.

For a long time my life at Christmas was the same. There were few changes to the celebration, and in my mind and my memories, that was the “real” Christmas.

After so many years lots of things have changed, and in fact this year I won’t even spend Christmas with my family, so I’ve decided to break with traditions completely and do a Christmas brunch.

I’ve done a little research, and I’ve found some simple ideas which will bring a festive touch to my Christmas brunch. I’ve shared them with you here below, and I encourage you to prepare your own Christmas (or pre-Christmas) brunch, to share with your family, friends or colleagues.

I’ll also use this post to wish you all a very happy Christmas, with much happiness and love and without excesses. I hope 2016 ends well and 2017 starts even better.


Christmas brunch recipes

Christmas tree shaped pizzas

Christmas tree pizza - Christmas brunch ideas

Recipe by Pillsbury


Toast in the shape of Father Christmas and his reindeer


Easy-to-prepare strawberry Santas

Strawberry Santa Claus - Christmas brunch ideas

Recipe by Leanne Bakes


Christmas oreo lollipops


Boiled egg snowmen


Fruity Christmas tree


Another Christmas tree, but this time with vegetables

Vegetables Christmas tree - Christmas brunch ideas

Recipe by Betty Crocker


Christmas stocking-shaped pizzas

Pizza stockings - Christmas brunch ideas

Recipe by Pillsbury


Pancakes in the shape of a reindeer’s face


Christmas tree-shaped brownies


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