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On 14/12/2014
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Giulietta Cafè is a very charming bakery located in Plaça Tetuan, which offers a complete brunch menu with local products for a reasonable price.

Cheap but good-quality brunch–Giulietta Cafè-Eggs Many of you may already know this place for its homemade food and delicious desserts, and now due to their cheap but good-quality brunch!
Giulietta Cafè proposes a brunch menu, which for the price of 9,90€ includes:

– Orange juice
– 2 fresh eggs (scrambled, tortilla, or fried) with two other ingredients to choose from (bacon, cheese, ham, or mushrooms)
– Toasted bread
– Yogurt with granola
– A slice of cake of your choosing + coffee or tea
In addition, the menu offers many more options, crêpes, quiches, sandwiches with different breads, piadinas, a variety of pastries, many cakes, natural juices, and milkshakes. In this bakery they try to use local products (Km-0) as often as possible, and each day they offer tastings of sweet and savory artisanal recipes, prepared daily by their baker. The décor of the bakery has a Provençale touch making it a cozy environment, with its white tones alternating with flowers. There aren’t many tables, so making a reservation is highly recommended.

If the weather allows, however, they do have more tables on the terrace, which overlook the Plaza Tetuan directly. In the back of the sitting room they have a couch with a low table and they have managed to make a small area for children to be kept entertained with some toys they provide. For mothers with babies, they also have a baby-changing table available.

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