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A cafeteria found in one of Gracia’s alleys, which could easily become your favourite. The kitchen remains open for its entire duration of business hours and ecological ingredients are used to offer you some unforgettable dishes!
Cafe with an organic kitchen in Gracia–Mamas Cafe-Pancakes with chocolate and cream Mama’s Café is a cafe with an organic kitchen in Gracia. It is located in Gracia with its entrance facing a small and traffic-less street. When first entering, you get the impression that the restaurant is rather small and contains only one dining area. The first space includes some tables with cushioned benches to the left, but as you go up a short flight of stairs which take you to the bar’s level, you are only a few steps away from entering the restaurant’s next ambiance: to the left, a communal table, and to the right, a couch which overlooks the terrace. The ceilings are high and white tones predominate in the restaurant’s decor, which is simple yet cozy. The Brunch’s menu will surprise you, and you will need quite a while to decide what to order. Everything seems delicious, and the dishes we personally ordered definitely were!

Our selections were: the fried eggs with oven-baked tomato, avocado, mesclun, and sunflower seeds with toast, the fried eggs with asparagus, mesclun, and parmesan cheese with toast, and finally, the mushrooms, gruyere and spinach omelet with tomato rubbed bread. At the end, the plates were completely empty and our bellies, real full. The combination of flavors is successful and the quality of the ingredients, very notable. Moreover, I have no words to describe how exquisite the bread was!

For dessert, we decided to share some pancakes, since one order includes three. We selected the hot chocolate ones (truly melted chocolate) with cream. If you prefer desserts that are not too sweet, this is for you. If you order a juice, be aware that they are pretty small.

Finally, I would like to mention a useful bit of information for mothers with babies. The bathroom has enough space that could be use as a practical changing table thanks to a cushion available in the same bathroom.

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