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On 16/04/2015
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A brunch that feels like you are having a meal at your friend's house, as you enjoy the personable treatment, incredible view, and excellent food in a large quantity.


A brunch with personalized treatment, in a very cozy place, where you will probably leave with a handful of new friends.

Brunch with personalized treatment-Pilates&Cake-Decoration Pilates & Cake is the fifth (yes, the fifth!) project of Manex, the founder of both Cup & Cake and Brunch & Cake.
As in these other spaces, natural light acts as the protagonist coupled with an exquisite décor. Located in Barceloneta with a stupendous clear view of the port, Manex proposes a different concept with a very personable treatment. They offer classes of pilates from Monday through Friday at different times, followed by a healthy and light meal.
There is no pilates on Saturdays and Sundays, but you will be able to enjoy an incredible brunch. The space is unique and invites a maximum of 12 guests (7 minimum) gathered all around a communal table. Manex’s aim is that his “invitees”sitting all together, will generate certain synergies as they enjoy a common experience. Also, Manex himself will be the host and will attend to his guests personally. 

You can reserve your seat and also pay directly on the Cup & Cake website and indicate also if you suffer from any food intolerance or allergy or you are vegan. There is always a veggie option available.
The reservation needs to be done 24/48 hours before the event. The system will block automatically the days if there are no more seats available or it’s too late for the booking.
Brunch with personalized treatment-Pilates&Cake-Savoury pancakes
There are two services, one at 11am and the other at 2pm, and brunch lasts around an hour to an hour and a half. Depending on the demands and dynamics, these times are subject to change.

The price is 25€ and it includes a ton of food! The day of my visit, we started with a tasting of a variety of homemade breads, made of corn, fruit, rye, and many more, served with jam, cheeses, and homemade compotes.
As time went by, they started to serve us the dishes. First, we received the polenta with pumpkin and mushrooms, followed by an arugula salad with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, dressed in vinaigrette, to accompany the pork and creamy eggs which, literally, melted in my mouth. Our meal continued with a corn pancake with Manouri cheese, avocado, and salmon, served with a tomato and vegetables sauce, and sunflower seeds.
As in all of his restaurants, the menu will constantly change and these variations will be indicated on the website.
Finally, we ended with a slice of the best cheesecake with berries I have ever tried in my life! To drink, we were served freshly squeezed juice containing orange, carrot, kiwi and ginger, besides our hot drink selection, and obviously, water. You can also have a beer or wine and will be served a small aperitif. The service was incredible, for it is highly personable, making you feel exactly as if you were having brunch at a friend’s house.

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