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A brunch with local products and also seasonal, in a restaurant filled with light, where “the materials preserve their nobility and their walls show the history of the building”

Brunch with local products-Oma Bistro-Pancakes with fruits The word Oma means grandmother in German, and as the creators of this marvelous place explain, has been chosen because “it reminds you of homemade food, those afternoon snacks given to you throughout your childhood which you still reminisce about as an adult“.
This concept, in a way, is reflected through the place itself, “we wanted to create a cozy and simple environment, one in which everyone can see how we work, which is why there is no wall, the space is diaphanous and the kitchen can be seen from the seating area.
From Tuesday to Friday, OMA Bistró offers many breakfast formulas, while brunch takes the lead on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm.
Here, the “food is simple, with no pretension, raw materials are deeply respected and we focus on working with seasonal and local products“. In their brunch menu you will find: creamy eggs scrambled with emmental cheese or fried eggs with bacon, both served with toasted bread. Eggs benedict with salmon gravlax (salmon cured in salt, sugar, and dill). Yogurt with muesli and fruit, and pancakes with syrup and fruit. The eggs served are fresh from the farm.
During brunch, we tried the bagels and the pancakes, coupled with two super smoothies, one raspberry, and the other caramel. And yes, that day our diet was left behind, but it was definitely worth it! If you are in “health mode”, I recommend one of the fresh juices from the menu.
The day of my visit, I was unfortunately unable to eat any more, but the delicious exposed tarts were still calling my name…
The “baked goods are all homemade, traditional, and flavorful, with the best ingredients and prepared daily“.
Without a doubt, I will soon return for an afternoon snack of the delicious tarts, and enjoy it while sitting on one of those incredibly comfortable sofas.

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