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On 28/12/2014
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A brunch with Balkan influences near Sant Pau, with a fully artisanal elaboration and very much love.

Brunch with Balkan influences near Sant Pau–Bakery Hand Made-Menu The complete name of this bakery is “Hand Made, un rajolí de pau,” where indeed, one feels a sense of peace upon entering, not only for its lovely décor, but also for the kind-heartedness and incredibly positive attitude of its owner.

This place is located in a privileged area, right next to Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site and a few streets away from Sagrada Familia.
The brunch menu is fixed and you have no selections, but the advantage is that each week they offer some changes.

The day of my visit I was able to enjoy:
– Gibanica* with feta cheese.
– Gibanica with mushrooms and leeks.
– Beets and onions with vinaigrette.
– Proja or corn flour bread roll with feta cheese, topped with cream cheese and tomatoes.
– Mini chocolate almond cupcake.

Both coffee and the tea are served with a homemade cookie (I tried the danish butter cookie with lavender), and the coffee is also accompanied by a glass of water.
Do you need an excuse to visit this “rajolí de pau” before Saturday? On Wednesdays, from 6pm to 7pm they have a special offer of 2 cupcakes and 2 cavas for only 5€. Also, if you are a group of 7-8 people you can have brunch the day you prefer.

*The Gibanica is a traditional pastry dish from the Balkans typically made with fresh cheese and phyllo dough.

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