Kosmobar – Brunch with a Venezuelan touch

Brunch with a Venezuelan touch in Kosmobar
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Kosmobar, Kitchen & Bar, is a place to visit for lunch, a dinner, cocktails and concerts or, naturally, brunch with a Venezuelan touch at the weekend.

It’s a wide open space with white exposed brick walls, which help give a luminous feel to the atmosphere inside. Ideal for groups, or for children and prams. In the upper floor there are many tables and a sofa at the back.

Tables in Kosmobar

In the lower floor there’s a room with a space for concerts.

Lower floor in Kosmobar

The brunch menu has a distinctive Venezuelan flavour, with offerings such as tequeños (breaded and fried cheese sticks), arepas (flat patties made from ground maize dough), and Venezuelan empanadas. In one portion of the empanadas you get three – one with cheese, one with minced meat and one made with chicken and vegetables. They come with one salsa made from avocados, and another with yoghurt.

Venezuelan empanadas

The arepas have an original touch – they’re not the typical white colour. One is orange, made with carrots, one green with spinach and one red from beetroot. Just as they are made in Venezuela, they are served with a filling of chicken, another with fried egg and one with cheese. Each diner chooses the filling they most prefer.

Venezuelan arepas

On the brunch menu there’s no lack of typical dishes such as bagels, hamburgers, toasts and pancakes – the latter with a hint of vanilla, served with syrup and fresh fruit.

Pancakes in Kosmobar

Among the sweet dishes, and their instagram hits, you’ll find their chocolate carrot cake, and a delicious oreo milkshake (which is a real indulgence…).

Carrot Cake with chocolate in Kosmobar

Kosmobar can be found in the lower part of Via Laietana, near the Post Office building. It’s ideal if you’re passing through that part of town on your way to the beach, and you fancy grabbing a freshly made fruit juice and a bite to eat. They have an outside counter, where they can serve you quickly, without having to go inside to order.

The outside bar in Kosmobar


My brunch at Kosmobar was particularly special because I had the good fortune to enjoy it with my blogger friend Bea. Bea’s blog is called Surfmocion, and it’s the go-to page for novice surfers who’ve become hooked to this world. You’ll find a lot of fun and interesting posts on this site, as well as guides and advice about the best surf spots – above all, there’s plenty of encouragement and motivation there!

Brunching with Bea author of blog Surfmocion


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