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At Ziryab you can enjoy a brunch with a Middle-Eastern touch, discovering what results when local and Arab flavours meet. A cozy restaurant where you are received with arms wide open.

Brunch with oriental touch in Borne-Ziryab-Cheesecake Ziryab is located in a narrow alleyway in the Borne neighbourhood, in close proximity to the metro stop Jaume I. It is here where both Arabic and Catalan culture and cuisine blend to obtain a rich fusion of flavours and decorations, creating a brunch with a Middle-Eastern touch in Borne area. Their approach is to use seasonal products, and their current winter brunch menu is quite interesting, for the main dishes are presented in a tray. We tried the “Continental“: Toasted ecologic coca bread and whole grain croissant served with two types of jams, butter, jamón serrano (dry-cured Spanish ham), Edam cheese, and fresh fruit. We also ordered the “Expreso Oriente“: hard-boiled egg, olives, cucumbers and fresh tomatoes, labneh and hummus, warm halloumi cheese, extra virgin olive oil with thyme, tahini cream and date syrup, all accompanied by toasted pita bread.

Furthermore, amongst the so-called “clásicos con una vuelta (classics with a twist)” we find the “Pita Bonanza“: pita bread filled with melted halloumi cheese, crispy bacon, tomato, arugula, walnuts and olives.  And if you’re not as hungry, you can select among one of the dishes or side dishes to snack on. Of course, we can’t forget about their desserts, all homemade, which vary according to the cook’s daily inspiration. The cheesecake we tried was a whole new discovery of flavours: an orange-flavoured cheesecake with chestnut syrup, walnuts, and white chocolate garnished with labneh yogurt (arabic version of yogurt).

Coffee lovers will be delighted with the fact that at Ziryab, the coffee is “endless,” meaning that although it is more expensive than the average coffee (2,5€), they do, however, refill your cup as many times as you desire. Also, for brunch, you can select the complete formula: pay the dish and for an additional 4,5€, you receive endless coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. Finally, if you feel like relaxing after brunch, you can step into the chill out area and order a shisha (15€ for 2 coals) to smoke in your friends’ company.

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