10 brunch on a terrace in Barcelona

Brunch on a terrace in Barcelona

Let’s be realistic, there isn’t much summer left and, as we know it, that makes people very sad. But you shouldn’t let it get you down! September is a marvellous month to keep on enjoying some lovely weather. There’s still the warm air, that beckons us outside to the street, for a walk around, to be more sociable and to enjoy nice brunches on a terrace.

But before going ahead with the top 10 brunches on a terrace in Barcelona, allow me to tell you how easy it is to find this information on the blog.

On the homepage, under the first posts, you’ll find the quick search buttons 

Coffee and Brunch buttons

If you look carefully, you’ll notice one that says “terrace”. Just click there, and you’ll find a selection of all the posts that I’ve written about brunch places with a terrace, or open air seating. It really is that simple!

In this post, as well as pointing out some of my favourite places to go to enjoy a brunch on a terrace, I’ve listed a few that I haven’t been to in person, which I have on my secret “brunch to visit”.


Among brunch venues with a terrace in Barcelona that I’ve visited in person, there are:

 1. Alsur Café – Plaça de Sant Cugat, 1 – El Born

I love this cafe’s terrace because it’s on a square that’s completely cut off from traffic. There’s also loads of tables, so statistically speaking you are more likely to find a seat.

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Brunch on a terrace in Barcelona-Alsur-Cafe-terrace


2. Federal Café – Carrer Parlament, 39 – Sant Antoni

This place is lovely because it’s not on street level but it’s a terrace amongst buildings and has lots of greenery.

Brunch on a terrace in Barcelona-Federal-Cafe-Terrace


 3. Mama’s Cafe – Carrer de Torrijos, 26 – Gracia

This is a Spanish typical interior patio, far away from the street, very quiet and surrounded by plants.

Brunch on a terrace in Barcelona-Mamas-Cafe-Terrace


 4. Marmalade – Carrer de la Riera Alta,  4-6 – Raval

Marmalade is a classic, and it’s been offering brunch from its terrace on Raval for years.

Brunch on a terrace in Barcelona-Marmalade-Terrace


 5. Picnic – Carrer del Comerç, 1 – Born

This terrace has changed quite a bit, and for the better, since I first visited it. I also think that since they changed the direction of traffic in the street to one side of the cafe, it’s been a lot quieter.

Brunch on a terrace in Barcelona-Picnic-Terrace


6. Tonka Bar – Carrer del Marquès de Campo Sagrado, 27 – Sant Antoni

This terrace has also seen some changes, and now it’s welcoming, located on a wide sidewalk and on a street with little traffic.


And on my “brunch to visit” list that have also a terrace, there are:

 7. Café Buho – Passeig de Sant Joan, 84 – Eixample Dreta

A terrace with 8 tables on the wide sidewalk of Passeig de Sant Joan, hidden from the road behind tall plants.

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Brunch on a terrace in Barcelona-Cafe-Buho-terrace


 8. Surf House – Carrer l’Almirall Aixada, 22 – Barceloneta

This place has a big terrace but it’s also extremely popular with tourists in the summer. Did you know that for each 15€ you spend here you get 45 minutes free hire of a paddle surf board?


 9. Sirvent – Ronda de Sant Pau, 67 – Sant Antoni 

A multi-gastronomic space with great design and with a wide offer on drinks and food. Their terrace is at street level and it’s pretty colorful. In a few weeks I’ll publish a post telling you more about them.

Brunch on a terrace in Barcelona-Sirvent-Terrace


 10. Bloom – Carrer d’Aribau, 31 – Eixample Esquerra

Bloom promise to offer international cuisine and organic products. Their terrace is probably not the most quiet considering it’s located on a busy corner, but it’s still a terrace 🙂


This is just a first top 10 brunch on a terrace and there are loads more not featured here! What’s your favourite terrace where to enjoy a brunch in Barcelona?

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