When the brunch menu isn’t a brunch menu… – Sano Cuina

When the brunch menu isn’t a brunch menu…-Sano Cuina-Scrambled eggs
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On 02/11/2013
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This place near Plaça Espanya, with healthy food and natural juices, offers a slightly strange brunch. A buffet that isn’t a normal brunch buffet and a menu with no brunch type food. Instead there are bagels with decent juices at an affordable price.
When the brunch menu isn’t a brunch menu…-Sano Cuina-Bagel ham and cheese For now it is the only place to have brunch in the area, however their brunch is only half truth. First of all, the fact that they have three different menus is pretty confusing.
Their idea of brunch is “all you can eat” and for 22 € you can eat all that you want from the menu within a two hour time period. Other options are to order only a starter for € 5.50 or a main for € 7.80, both with bread, water and wine included.
There are salads, soups and ceviche as starters and pasta, rice, meat and fish as main dishes. We tried the vegetable curry with rice and truth be told it was good, but come on, this is more a typical food menu than a brunch!
Closer to a brunch is the bagel menu, and the bagel + fresh juice combo for € 5,50. I had a bagel with ham and cheese + apple juice for 7,20€. Good price/quality relationship considering that the bagel is really filling, it comes with a mini salad and the juice isn’t small. Although, we didn’t have much luck with the bagels because there were quite a few of us and they only had three bagels left. If you go in a group, it’s best book in advance and specify if you are going to eat bagels. For 5€ we tried, as well, the scrambled eggs with mushrooms, avocado and basil, which where pretty good but small.

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