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It was no easy task to choose a brunch place in Zurich for the selection is vast and all restaurants seem to have a special touch to them. However, I am very happy to have chosen “Kafi Dihei,” where one gets the sensation of being in grandma’s own living room, eating a brunch that herself has prepared with lots of love.

Brunch in Zurich - Kafi Dihei-Scrumble eggs with salmon, tomato focaccia and herbal cheese Everyone has gone through the experience of reuniting with good friends after many years and have the sensation that only a day has gone by since you last saw them. If, on top of that, you catch up over a wonderful brunch, the situation gets even more idyllic. It may be due to Zurich’s years of experience offering brunch, but despite that fact, they are definitely one step ahead here at Kafi Dihei.
Kafi Dihei carries an extraordinary charm and a very special ambiance. Fresh and lively flowers decorate the tables in teakettles, in equally vibrant colors, that serve as vases.

There is also a terrace demarcated by a fence, which has the intention of making you feel like you are in a different world upon entering it. The terrace chairs are white and made of metal, retro-French style, with a decorative backrest, an unusual style to be seen in the south of Europe. In the interior wood dominates, with diverse upholstered chairs from the 20th century. The couches, the paintings, the flowers on the wallpaper, and the porcelain, literally transport you to another century, the only thing that is missing are the waiters dressed in suits of that period.

In this place from another era, a little like grandma’s living room, the food is homemade and the animal products used for it come from locally owned businesses. Choose from any dish on the menu, or from the weekly specials, and you will not be disappointed.
One great option, if you want to start your day off with something sweet is the “Z’Morge Dihei”: croissant (Gipfeli in Swiss German), homemade bread, butter, homemade jam, and a mini yogurt. If you want, you can add a platter of cheese and cured meats. The croissants and homemade bread are very different from the ones eaten in Spain. Try them and tell me if they really fill you up! The day of my visit, the pancakes of the day were dressed with caramelized pears, crême fraîche, and almonds, and another interesting dish of the day was salmon with scrambled eggs, served with a tomato focaccia and fresh herbed cheese. I get the desire to go back to Zurich just by looking at all my photos, until I remember the prices… Here, everything is much more expensive when compared to Barcelona, and a brunch in Zurich could cost you an exaggerated amount. In this cafeteria, however, they still retain moderate prices and you can enjoy a marvelous brunch for around 20€. Now you have a brunch place to go on your next visit to Zurich!

Opening hours:
Mon, Wed – Fri: 8:30h – 22h
Sat & Sun: 9h – 18h

Extra: the animal products they use are Km0

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