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A delightful place with a very cozy lighting, décor and excellent food. A brunch in Urquinaona that we MUST add to our brunch route!

Brunch in Urquinaona-Petit Pot-Eggs with salmon and cremeThe first time I heard the word “Urquinaona” was when Erasmus year had just ended and I watched the movie “The Spanish Apartment”. That name sounded like such a strange and distant place back then, but it becomes so common and familiar once you live in Barcelona. Now imagine that a charming place opens right in the plaza where you can enjoy a delicious brunch… it’s only natural that it has become one of the city’s meccas!
Upon entering, you will find a couch right to your left and many tables of various sizes, including a shared common table. The place is very big and the entire décor is a work of art from the owners who used a big amount of recycled material to refurbish the establishment. It is a very cozy space in general, and the employees are very kind. In my opinion, however, the air conditioner is too strong.

Brunch in Urquinaona-Petit Pot-Pulled pork sandwich,bruschettas, fried green tomatoes
The menu offers a little bit of everything, with plates to share such as nachos, bruschettas, and fried green tomatoes, in addition to sandwiches and hamburgers and many egg dishes, pancakes, and French toast. They also offer some lighter options, such as croissants, yogurt, and toasts. I tried the smoked salmon casserole with eggs, caramelized onions, and cream. It was exquisite, and even if it had cream, it was still very light. For dessert I ordered French toast with maple syrup and yogurt, definitely the best I’ve ever had until now! Without a doubt, this new place has directly become part of my top 3 brunch places in the city!

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