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I don’t usually visit posh places, but this brunch in Porto was not only close to where I was staying, but it also offered an amazing buffet for only 15€…I just had to try it!

Brunch in Porto-bb Gourmet-Salad Oporto is a small city, which you can get acquainted with, by simply walking its streets a few days. I did not have the luck to experience the city with the presence of the sun, but even so, I found it beautiful. The buildings decadent of their ancient façade, many of which are empty, camouflaged with those recently restored. The river with their wineries, the bridges, and the hills of this city, just like the amiability of its inhabitants, bestow a special allure, which makes you want to return soon.
With a bit of pre-travel research, I found the BB Gourmet, which has more than one establishment around the city. I visited the one in Bolhão, near the metro stop. It is located in a small plaza, which allows it to have a wide terrace.

This 15€ open buffet brunch also includes a dish and some drinks, such as water, iced tea, lemonade, milk, hot tea, and coffee. The buffet is located on the first floor, where there are high tables with cushioned benches on one side, and comfortable stools on the other. The tables are located all along the hollow part of the second level, from where a good portion of the first level can be seen. The buffet offers savory dishes such as gravlax (marinated salmon), cheeses, ham, quiches, mini empanadas, sundried tomatoes, salads, potatoes, soups, mini sandwiches, mini pancakes, and more. Amongst the sweet selection: croissants, scones, puff pastry rolls, fruit salad, and small cakes. Amongst the dishes to choose from, I tried the eggs benedict and scrambled eggs with asparagus, both accompanied by French fries, and also the pancakes with a mixed berries jam and whipped cream. As you can observe from the photographs, the portions are anything but small. 

This restaurant does not take reservations, but when I arrived a bit past 1pm, the place was almost empty. It never got quite full, so the ambiance remained pretty calm.
A visit to this city is highly recommended, before it loses all of its charm to the possible bad restructuration. And of course, you now have a great brunch option!

Opening hours:
Mon–Thu: 8h –23:30h
Fri – Sat: 8h – 1h (2h in summer)
Sun: 8:30h – 23:30h

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