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On 26/05/2013
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Now is finally possible to have brunch in Poble Sec as well! You’ll be surprise by the incredible taste of original dishes, in a renovated space where every detail counts.

We are glad to present you the first bar & restaurant to have brunch in Poble Sec. Due to its location, one can perfectly combine having brunch at El Chicle with a stroll through the parks of Montjuïc. When entering, you will notice that the renovation, which has been undertaken recently, has been done thoughtfully and with love for the detail. So it comes, that the missing natural light in the back of the restaurant, has been taken care of by a lighting that dims and brightens frequently, which pleasantly plays with your senses. After visiting El Chicle the first time, I can say without hesitation, that the music is also a big plus point and will suit most people’s taste.

The menu offers everything a brunch lover could ask for. From basics like croissant, toasts and fruit salad over savoury dishes made of eggs, goat cheese, spinach, ham, prawns and asparagus, to name just a view ingredients and, of course salads, to the sweeter things in life like pannacotta and cakes.  We had the French Toast with cognac flambéed fruits and diced bacon, and the fried spinach with champignons, garlic and parmesan cheese with potato cubes on the side including the option of eggs. Both dishes were incredibly tasty. In the French toast the mix between the savoury crispy bacon and the sweet flambéed fruits, accompanied by spices and seeds, gave the dish an intrigued taste. While the spinach with scrambled eggs and potatoes was made with a tonne of different herbs and spices you won’t find in most other places. The prices and portions are reasonable, also with options to combine to dishes. Overall we were convinced by what El Chicle has to offer and we are looking forward to enjoy again this brunch in Poble Sec. By the way, don’t miss the surprise they are preparing for Sonar Festival! 

I thank Martin H. for his collaboration on this review


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